Tsar Bomba

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Country: France
Label: Hellbound Records

Links: Bandcamp

Formed in: 2011

2011- Stoner metal


2011-  Wojtek Nowak - bass
2011-  Fabien Fok - guitars
2011-  Cédric Marcel - vocals
2013-  Jérôme "Jerry" Farion - drums
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2011-2012  Camille - drums
2012-2013  Sam J. Muller - drums
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Coughing up bloody chunks of lung as dust particles slice my eyes in blinding pain under the blacked out sun I seek shelter from psychotic biker gangs. This post-apocalyptic barren wasteland is the result of someone letting Tsar Bomba loose on the world. Some say that Tsar Bomba was a nickname for the Russian hydrogen bomb, the most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated. Other claim it is a metal band from France. All I know is that nothing clean and holy survived.   Review by Dane Train ››


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