2013-  Jordan Mancino - drums
2013-  Nick Hipa - guitars
2013-  Phil Sgrosso - guitars
2013-  Josh Gilbert - bass, vocals
2013-  Shane Blay - vocals
2014  Micah Kinard - vocals

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I'm sure when the bailiff commanded everybody to rise upon the arrival of the judge, many of those present in the courtroom must have done so, but secretly wishing they were rising for Tim Lambesis instead, frontman and co-founder of metalcore heavyweights As I Lay Dying. Most of you have heard about his murder-for-hire plot to kill his wife. He has been sentenced to six years in prison and the band as a whole took the backlashing ripples upon the chin. Surprisingly enough, the tragedy that put one of theirs behind bars, careened the rest of the band into light by delivering on the expectations their fans hinted at. Indeed, they couldn't have possibly headed in a better direction.   Review by Mindheist ››

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