Blood Incantation

30 fans
Country: USA
Label: Dark Descent Records

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Formed in: 2011

2011- Death metal
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2011-  Paul S. Riedl - guitars, vocals
2011-  Isaac Faulk - drums
2012-  Morris Kolontyrsky - guitars
2015-  Jeff C. Barrett - bass

Latest reviews

Starspawn was one of 2016's most hyped albums in the metal underground. In the midst of a death metal renaissance, Blood Incantation delivered a debut full-length that cashed in on the good reputation they gained after their 2015 EP, Interdimensional Exctinction. And while countless bands are looking back at the genre's roots nowadays, unfortunately most seem unable to move away from ultimately being characterized plain copycats; Blood Incantation, however, is not one of these bands.   Review by nikarg ››

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