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Country: USA
Label: The Flenser

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Formed in: 2017

2017- Death metal
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2017-  Cheri Musrasrik - vocals
2017-  Derek Webster - guitars
2017-  Harry Cantwell - drums
2017-  Kirk Spaseff - bass, vocals

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Death metal has made quite the impressive comeback in the 2010s. Though still present, the wave of grandpa metaller bands trying to replicate what worked for the genre 20 years ago, as well as the widdly diddly tech death wankers, are finally starting to die down. In their place we're now seeing a slew of bands that... are just better, really. Bands that either smash down every conceivable boundary in their way, like Chaos Echús, or even ones that might not be all that original but still deliver a hard hitting sound with an unquestionably modern update (Obliteration, Gatecreeper, etc). Bands like Succumb.   Review by Apothecary ››

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