1998-1999 Märchenwald - guitars  
1999-2002 Defeated Sanity - guitars  
2001-2002 Hatred - guitars  
2002-2006 Necrophagist - guitars  
2006-2008 Majesty - guitars  
2007-2008 Civilization One - guitars  
2008-2014 Obscura - guitars  
2009- Spawn Of Possession - guitars  
2011- Christian Muenzner - guitars  
2011 Terrestrial Exiled - guitars  
2012-2014 Paradox - guitars  
2014- Alkaloid - guitars  
Guest musician:
2007 Deadborn - guitar solo  
2010 A Loathing Requiem - guitar solo  
2012 Gorod - guitar solo  
2014 Hannes Grossmann - guitars  
2014 Abysmal Dawn - guitar solo  
2015 The Fractured Dimension - guitars  

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Christian Muenzner is a German metal guitarist, best known for playing for technical death metal band Necrophagist from 2002 until 2006, appearing on their 2004 release Epitaph. Prior to being in Necrophagist, he was in the German death metal act Defeated Sanity, featuring on their debut promo, and the 2002 split with Poppy Seed Grinder. In 2008 he joined the death metal band Obscura and recorded the album Cosmogenesis (2009). It was confirmed on the Spawn of Possession message board that in June 2009 that Muenzner had joined the band on lead guitar. He is also a member of Ron Jarzombek's latest musical venture Terrestrial Exiled with fellow bandmate and countryman Hannes Grossmann as well as Spastic Ink bassist Pete Perez.