John Haughm


1990-1993 Pessimyst - drums, guitars, vocals  
1993-1996 Uncomposing - all instruments, vocals  
1996-2004 Agalloch - drums, guitars, vocals  
1999-2000 Sculptured - drums  
2004-2016 Agalloch - guitars, vocals  
2011- John Haughm - guitars, synthesizers  
2016-2019 Pillorian - guitars, vocals  

Studio musician

1997 Sculptured - backing vocals  

Guest musician

1999 Nothing - vocals  
2013 Andy Winter - vocals  
2013 Obsidian Tongue - vocals  


Personal information

Born on: 14.09.1975

John Haughm is a heavy metal musician from the United States. He is most famous for being the vocalist and guitarist of the band Agalloch. He is also an artist and graphic designer, having created the design and layout for the album Embodiment: Collapsing Under the Weight of God by a band he was previously in, Sculptured, as well as all of the releases, shirts, and promotional material for Agalloch.