Charlotte Wessels


2000-2005 To Elysium - vocals  
2005- Delain - vocals  
2015- Phantasma (NED) - vocals  

Studio musician

2015 Karmaflow - vocals  

Live musician

2018 Kamelot - vocals  

Guest musician

2011 Knight Area - vocals  
2011 Nemesea - vocals  
2011 Serenity - vocals  
2015 Kamelot - vocals  
2016 Dark Sarah - vocals  


31.03.2008 Delain

Personal information

Born on: 13.05.1987

Official Page

Johanna Charlotte Wessels (born 13 May 1987 in Zwolle, Netherlands) is the lead vocalist of the Dutch symphonic metal band Delain. She was previously a member of gothic metal band To Elysium, before the band's split. She joined Delain in 2005 when it was formed by ex-Within Temptation pianist Martijn Westerholt.


Charlotte has been trained in both jazz singing and classical singing. She was first trained in jazz, but later her instructor suggested classical singing to her. However, Charlotte has stated that she found classical training to be very restrictive, and so she likes to do something "in between the classical and the jazz stuff, and if you look at classical music with high vocal lines, then you kind of get to gothic very soon!"