John Lally


2006-2007 Persephone's Dream - bass, chapman stick  

Personal information

Died on: 14.07.2007

From propulsive slapped grooves and memorable fretless melodies to inventive rhythms tapped out on the Chapman Stick, John delivers what the song requires. While his earliest musical roots found purchase in the rich loam of seventies prog rock and jazz fusion (particularly the work of King Crimson and Weather Report), other influences including drum 'n bass, harmolodic jazz and funk have met in him, melding into a style uniquely his own. A veteran of the Pittsburgh music scene (former original music projects include the category-defying "avant garage" rock band Active Ingredient, the performance art rock ensemble Squonk Opera and the heady power trio Einstein's Car), John's bass lines provide the jet fuel that lifts our sonic explorations ever higher while delivering the gravitational pull that keeps us tethered to the earth.