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Jason Schimmel


1998- Estradasphere - guitars, banjo, keyboards  
2008- Atomic Ape - guitars, bouzouki, organs, pianos, synthesiser,  
2008 Atomic Ape - banjo, mandolin, clavinet, vibraphone, effects, harpsichord, percussi  
2014- Atomic Ape - melodica  

Personal information

Jason Schimmel is an absolute monster on guitar and one of the key Composers for the band.

A native of Southern California, Jason has been studying diverse guitar styles for 20 years. Originally inspired by his adolescent rock 'n roll heros, his early musical experiences were in rock and metal bands. At the University of California Santa Cruz he studied classical, jazz, and flamenco guitar bringing further depth to his musical aesthetic.

Jason's additional talents in Scoring and Producing were evidenced on Palace of Mirrors' large ensemble orchestrations. His abilities in writing and arranging will be further showcased on his up-coming solo projects.

As a performer, Jason moves naturally between jazz, rock and metal. As lead Guitarist for the Santa Cruz White Album Ensemble, he has worked with members of the Doobie Brothers, Tower of Power, and the Meters to perform live productions of entire Beatles' albums. Also, he has performed John Zorn's "Cobra" with William Winant and Fred Frith, and toured North America as Bassist for the Secret Chiefs 3.

When not wowing crowds with his epic leads, Jason produces audio for television and movies. says "Jason Schimmel's prowess in the realm of fretted instruments leaves little ground uncovered; tasty jazz, blazing bluegrass, and synapse-frying metal are all fair game."