Kevin Kmetz


2004- Estradasphere - tsugaru shamisen, guitar  

Guest musician

2003 Estradasphere - guitar  

Personal information

Having mastered the two most culturally significant instruments of his twin heritage, Kevin is Estradasphere's diplomat between East and West. A Japanese-American, Kevin is the creator of the style of music known in Japan as "California Shamisen," and he has a degree in Composition from Cal Arts where he studied on Piano, Cello, and Guitar.

If you heard him ripping blistering guitar leads over heavy-driving rock you'd never suspect him to be a rising star on the burdgeoning Japanese shamisen scene. In 2006 he placed 2nd in the Japanese National Shamisen tournament. In Japan he has played with many famous Shamisen players including Masahiro Nitta, Hanawa Chie, Akihito Narumi and the band Shirakami, and has appeared numerous times on NHK Television.

Kevin has also heads the band God of Shamisen and has performed extensively with Romanian Gypsy folk group, The Fishtank Ensemble.