Greg Christian


NA- Havochate - bass  
1983-1996 Testament - bass  
2005-2014 Testament - bass  
2015- Trinity Fallen - bass  
2017- Trauma (USA) - bass  

Personal information

Born on: 29.04.1966

Greg Christian is the bassist for the American thrash metal band Testament. He was an original member, back when the band was still known as Legacy. Greg recorded many of the albums including The Legacy, The New Order, Practice What You Preach, Souls of Black, The Ritual, Low, and The Formation Of Damnation. He also played on the live album Return to the Apocalyptic City, which also contained the rare song, "Reign of Terror". He currently plays a Tobias. He toured with Testament on their reunion tour in 2005 and continues to tour with them at the present. Greg had a band named Havochate based in New York City which he left after his first album with the band in 2005. He is currently working on a new album featuring his material in a side band he founded.