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Name Bands Born on Died on
151 Natalie Kahan Morrow
152 Natalie Kenis Aletheian
153 Natalie Koskinen Depressed Mode
Shape Of Despair
Before The Rain
154 Natalie Nazarova Grimfaith
155 Natalie Nebel Odroerir
156 Natalie Nicoles Silent Planet
157 Natalie Rassoulis Chaostar
158 Nataly Ambehr
159 Natanael Lunatic Gods
160 Natanielle Felicitas KEN Mode
161 Natas Throne Of Evil
162 Natascha Koch Serenity
163 Natascha Petras A New Dawn
164 Natasha Martincic Elegeion
165 Natasha Shneider Queens Of The Stone Age
Chris Cornell
22.05.1956 02.07.2008
166 Nate "Cinnaed Loreweaver" Bridenbaugh Lunarium
167 Nate "N8 Feet Under" Garnette Skeletonwitch
168 Nate Bush Droids Attack
169 Nate Carson Sunn O)))
170 Nate Clement
Nhate Clmnt
Ash Borer
171 Nate Dahlquist Disforia
172 Nate Dethlefsen
Weed Dragon
173 Nate Garrett Spirit Adrift
174 Nate Golia The Red Death
175 Nate Golia Warblade
176 Nate Gould The Rotted
177 Nate Harriss Slugnut
178 Nate Higgins In The Silence
179 Nate Jochum Integrity
180 Nate Johnson Fit For An Autopsy
Through The Eyes Of The Dead
Suicide Silence
181 Nate Loosemore Lost In Thought
Aeon Zen
182 Nate Manor Genitorturers
Wednesday 13
The Birthday Massacre
183 Nate Mitchell Morgue Supplier
184 Nate Myers Velnias
185 Nate Nadeau Conifer
186 Nate Newton Killer Be Killed
Old Man Gloom
Cavalera Conspiracy
The Ocean
Black Breath
The Red Chord
187 Nate Olp Lair Of The Minotaur
188 Nate Owensby War Of Ages
189 Nate Perkins Giant Squid
190 Nate Poulson Wykked Wytch
191 Nate Queen Sanctity
192 Nate Rebolledo Fit For An Autopsy
193 Nate Shipp Black Veil Brides
194 Nate Vennarucci Anomalous
195 Nate Wells The Wakedead Gathering
196 Nate Winger Europe
197 Nath Applegate Annotations Of An Autopsy
198 Nath Bartley-Stevens Flayed Disciple
199 Nath Sadd Shrapnel
200 Nathália Reinehr Sound'N'Rage