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Mortal Love - Biography


The Norwegian 5-piece Mortal Love was established in early 2000 with the line-up Cat, Rain6, Lev, Gabriah and Damous. Later, Gabriah quit and Mulciber joined. Important elements in Mortal Love are beautiful melodies, heavy guitars, dark lyrics, and female singer CAT´s haunting voice.
All three albums, "All The Beauty", "I Have Lost", and "Forever Will Be Gone", were recorded with producer ZET at his Space Valley Studio in Norway. With "All The Beauty" MORTAL LOVE could already gather a great amount of fans in both the goth- and metal scene. Two years later the band completed work on the follow-up "I Have Lost", continuing to explore a goth rock/metal sound.
The first impression you get from MORTAL LOVE's music is undoubtedly singer CAT, whose beautiful, charming vocals leave their mark on the songs. Well placed electronics and groovy guitar riffing build the foundation for dark, melancholic songs like the romantic "Adoration", the doomy "Mortally Beloved", or fan favorite; the epic and tragic tale "I Want To Die." It is hard to pick songs as they are all part of a complete concept, they all unite to create the mood of the albums with a crystal-clear sound mixed with brooding darkness - just like Norwegian bands are famous for.
Upcoming album "Forever Will Be Gone" (e.t.a. Fall 2006) will complete MORTAL LOVE´s trilogy depicting a tragic love story, a story based upon real events. The band continues to explore a dark, goth-like sound but this time with even stronger melodies, tighter and more pop-driven song structures, and more electronic elements.
Mortal Love is a band with plenty of ear-catching songs which combine melody and heaviness to create their own particular brand of melancholic songwriting and haunting lyrics.