Darkwoods My Betrothed - Biography


The band was formed in the spring 1993 originally under name Virgin's Cunt. The first demo called "Reborn In The Promethean Flame" was recorded 1993 mainly for their own pleasure and only few copies were spread. But that demo got attention from some people and that inspired the band to develop things further.

The 2nd demo "Dark Aureoles Gathering" was recorded in the winter 1994 and band's name changed to Darkwoods My Betrothed. That demo was received very well in the underground scene and some months later band signed with South-Korean Hammerheart Productions.

So the 1st CD "Heirs Of The Northstar" was released in the late winter 1995. "Cold Northern Black Metal"-feeling on the demotapes changed to majestic and atmospheric heathen art. Some clean singing (drunken viking as some people called it…) was added and the whole concept became more epic. But fast songs weren't forgotten and variety continued on the next album "Autumn Roars Thunder", released by German Solistitium Records in the spring 1996. Raw Black Metal and atmospheric, epic hymns was the recipe of this pagan battle album.

On "Witch-hunts" Darkwoods My Betrothed attacked grimmer than ever!!! Epic stuff was gone for good and grim, majestic Black Metal ruled again. As a result of several coincidences the releasing date of the album was delayed almost a year from originally planned, but some great things happened that time and not the least meaningful that the album was finally released by Finnish Spinefarm records…

Bandґs line-up has been unchanged since the early days, except bassist Hexenmeisterґs departure in the summer 1996. He still continues co-operation with band by writing the lyrics.

In the winter 2004 Darkwoods My Betrothed has started the rehearsals for some gigs with new band members (vocalist Spellgoth and drummer Larha from Trollheimґs Grott, guitarist Icelord and synth player Magician) and some line-up changes (vocalist Nattasett a.k.a. Julma plays bass). Many people have been anxious to see Darkwoods My Betrothed on stage and now that (also bandґs) dream is nearer than ever to come true.