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A walk on New York City's rooftops!

Melancholic somber hearts and gothic rock enthusiasts may sigh with anticipatory relief, as Lacrimas Profundere embarks on a new journey into their unique world. The chartbreakers and rock 'n' sad innovators will finally release their eagerly awaited new album "The Grandiose Nowhere" is destined to do away with all previous comparisons to other bands. It does not limit itself to one particular genre, as the musicians revolving around founding member Oliver Nikolas have created a masterpiece that adheres to their very own musical style. Frontman Rob Vitacca and colleagues have procured a balance between genuine gothic rock and gentle ballads that is heavier than The 69 Eyes, more sweeping and sophisticated than H.I.M., and even more melancholic than The Sisters of Mercy. The new songs change effortlessly between untamed emotion and bleak melancholy. Once again, John Fryer (H.I.M., Depeche Mode, Paradise Lost) refined the album's sound. While it was not a simple task to outdo their successful German-chart-topping album "Songs for the last View", Lacrimas Profundere has found a way. "The Grandiose Nowhere" presents fans with a unique release that serves as the perfect soundtrack for walks on New York City's rooftops! 9 ½ weeks meets Sleepy Hollow!

Lacrimas Profundere was found by Oliver Schmid in the year 1993. At this time, it was one of the few groups which combined doom-metal with gothic elements. After several changes in the members of the band, Anja Hötzendorfer (viol./fem.voc.) joined them at the beginning of 1995. The style of them was profoundly formed by her classical training. By using these classical elements, the band already gained some respect for which the recordings for the first album "...and the wings embraced us" could be started in April 1995.

The company Perverted Taste showed some interest in the band at the end of 1995. At the same time, the band contributed their song "Snow" taken from their first album, to the "Deathophobia-Sampler IV" and was already working on new material for the next album.

After long negotiations and two months in a studio, the album "La naissance d´un rêve" was published by the Swiss label "Witchhunt Records" in April 1996. The label approached to the band in November 1995, was able to submit the best offer and made a global distribution possible. In 1998, the label published a song on the "Nuclear Blast-Sampler No. 12", which made Lacrimas Profundere even more popular with the result that up to now, concerts with bands like Lacuna Coil, TOT, Farmer Boys, Subway to Sally, The Gathering, Darkseed, Haggard, Soulsearch etc. have taken place in the whole of Germany. At the beginning of 1998 the line-up was completed by introducing Ursula Schmidhammer, who is playing the harp. The harp fitted excellently into the sound of the band. In December 1998, a record contract was signed with the well-known Austrian company "Napalm Records". This company sent Lacrimas Profundere in the "Lungfull-Studios" in April/May 1999 in order to record "Memorandum". The CD got very good critics all over the world, mainly in Japan and South-America were they are booked for a festival. Meanwhile the band was on the Gothic-Meeting in Leipzig and played some open-airs just like the "Summerbreeze". At the US-Metal Radiocharts they reach place 3 with track "... and how to drown in your arms" from "Memorandum". The tour with Tristania and Sins of thy beloved was canceled because a bandmemeber was in the hospital. After "Memorandum" the line-up changes again. Lorenz and Ursula left the band for family-reasons and Anja had no time left because of her job and several orchester-exercises. Lorenz was replaced by Willi Wurm (some of you may know him, because he´s a former member of "Darkseed"). After the Gothic-Meeting in Leipzig our bassguitar-player decided to leave the band, which was rather difficult because he played in the band for many years. After a time of searching Rico, also an ex-"Darkseed"-member, was found to fill the bass-gap and the work for the new album begun.

For the recordings in Nov./Dec. the band entered the Lungfull Studios again. The stylistic changes which were on "Memorandum" were perfected on "Burning: a wish". The songs are more straight, more rock-orientated and less playful. Meanwhile, Christopher (voc.) uses mainly clean vocals, which fits ingenious to the sound.

The album "Ave End" was released in mid 2004 and accompanied by a huge promotional campaign and numerous advertising activities. The video to the title track was broadcasted by VIVA, VIVA Plus, as well as in all German Burger Kings. The sum of these events brought the young band the well-deserved breakthrough that had them touring with scene greats such as Subway to Sally and The 69 Eyes in late 2004 and early 2005. LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE spent the rest of the year playing numerous live gigs and recorded their next album in December 2005.

"Filthy Notes for Frozen Hearts" saw the light of day in 2006. The album was produced by the legendary John Fryer (H.I.M., Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Paradise Lostů). The first single "Again it's over" sky-rocketed into the Top 20 of the German Media Control charts and stayed at this position for a sensational 8 weeks. Cover stories in national and international magazines and the offer from Italian superstars Lacuna Coil to support their German/Austrian tour brought the band to the top of their genre. The two videos produced for the album found their way to the daily rotation schedules of VIVA Plus, IM1, Würfelzucker, GoTV, Giga TV, Svisi, as well as MTV Headbanger"s Ball and Rockezone BeNeLux.

Following their busy worldwide touring schedule, the infamous Bam Margera also took notice of the band and opted to use no less than 8 songs on his MTV show "Bam's Unholy Union" and the track "Ave End" in his movie "Minghags".

With their increasing popularity growing by the minute, LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE embarked on a 4-week tour with Finnish superstars Apocalyptica and graced the stages festival circuit, including Summer Breeze, Summer Darkness, and M'era Luna, to name but a few.

Never change a winning team became the band's motto in 2008 when they decided to again work with producer John Fryer on "Songs for the Last View". The album was recorded in Germany, mixed in Norway, and mastered in the legendary American Masterdisk Studios by Roger Lian (Aerosmith, Pantera, Nirvana). Following the album's release, Lacrimas Profundere entered the Media Control Charts in Germany and embarked on their first major headlining tour throughout Europe, as well as hitting the road in support of Wednesday 13.

2009 took the hard touring band to Russia, Belgium and the stages of myriad festivals. In October, they embarked on the European "Into Darkness" Tour and put an additional strain on Lacrimas Profundere, as the band members were already working on new songs between tours.

Lacrimas Profundere's struggles and energy can be heard on the new album "The Grandiose Nowhere". Influenced by Movies and Soundtracks. The marvelous artwork was provided by Niklas Sundin (In Flames, Dark Tranquillity), who had already worked with the band on "Ave End". In between tours with The 69 Eyes, John Fryer helped Lacrimas Profundere to produce one of the best, offhanded and unique albums of the whole Gothic scene.