The Belonging - Biography




The Belonging was conceived in 1998, when Richard Lester (Guitar/Vocals) and Paul Zaborowski (Guitar/Vocals) met through a mutual friend and found they both had the same dreams of forming a unique sounding black/death metal band.
After a year of experimentation and song writing, they decided to go ahead with the band and find themselves a complete line-up.
Word soon got around and within the next 6 months they had a drummer (Col Butler) and a bassist (Levi Tubman).As each member of the band has interests in other music outside of black metal, many different ideas and influences have been brought into the music, thus avoiding a lot (but not all) of the set rules or clichés people would expect in a black metal band.With the line-up now complete, they recorded a self-titled and self produced demo in September 2001, which received positive reviews all round.

They supported the release with a handful of gigs, dotted around Yorkshire, throughout the year. Every gig received huge praise with The Belonging became known as a band to keep an eye on.Two years later, the second demo "Dreaming Darkness" was written and recorded in Red Flag Studio, under the watchful eye of Guy Farrow (Throne of Nails, Conquest of Steel). It was released on September 24th 2003.The new demo featured three new songs,

which demonstrated a new, improved sound and quality of song writing, whilst still maintaining the best aspects of the previous CD.

The songs showed how diverse a band The Belonging are, with the fast blasting of "Setting the Scene", to the slower, more dreamlike metal of "Dreaming Darkness". The second song, "Desecration" shows a more brutal, Death Metal side of the band, not really seen on the previous demo.Now, fuelled with the release of Dreaming Darkness, they are determined to write more material that will always be better than the last.

In January 2004 Colin announced his departure from the band as he could not commit enough of his time to playing live. A replacement was found in Rich Beaumont, formerly of prog band Sear's Tear. Rich wasted no time in showing he was more than capable of handling the duties which The Belonging require. In less than three months they were ready to play live with Rich and embarked on a three date mini European tour with fellow Yorkshire bands The Prophecy and Conquest of Steel. Playing in Belgium, Holland and the UK the tour was a success, with The Belonging gaining a live reputation in Europe as well as at home. During the summer of 2004 we played numerous gigs around the Yorkshire area culminating with a slot at The Dungeonfest.

On 26th March 2005 The Belonging entered the In A City Recording Studios in Bradford to record their debut album "Setting the Scene". Engineered by long time music producer Carl Stipetic, the band were finally able to give their songs the power and intensity that they deserved. Recorded and mixed in just four days, the band rerecorded two songs from each of their two demos plus three new songs. The first of these new songs is "Black Sun Rising" which sets the album off to an explosive start. This was also the first song the band wrote with drummer Rich. Probably the fastest and most intense song the band has written, it showcases Rich's pummeling blast beats which drive technical but melodic guitar riffage. Another new song, "Dying In Sorrow" sees the band showing that they can write slow, epic doom as well as playing at warp speed. The band utilizes this pace to play emotive and melodic melodies to enhance the discouraging lyrics of the song.

Overall, the album sees a noticeable improvement in the musicianship and technical abilities of the band from their demo days.

The Belonging is now to gig extensively during 2005 to promote the release of "Setting the Scene", the highlight being the first ever British band to play the Koria-Roll Festival in Finland in July.