2014-  Johtun - drums
2014-  Nox - guitars
2014-  Rydsheim - guitars
› 2018-  -//- bass
2014-  Nine - vocals
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2014-2018  Borka - bass
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2017  Johan Fridell - vocals
2017  Martin Björklund - fiddle

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If you have read my review of Ghostlands - Wounds From A Bleeding Earth, you can imagine how quick I was to grab Nattarvet from the stack of promos waiting to be reviewed. Wormwood's second full-length offering is different from their debut that topped my 2017 list of favourites and also won two categories in that year's Metal Storm Awards by a landslide, yet you can easily still tell it is the same band behind the heaps of inspiration and songwriting brilliance of both records.   Review by nikarg ››

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