Dryade - Biography


Since its creation in 1997 in Valence area (France), Dryade has forged a style which is always in evolution. After two self produced demo and several live concerts, the band has been noticed by NSR Production while they were playing during a rock concert. Then, they evolved quickly and recorded a two titles CD, followed by their first album "Existence" at the end of 2001.

This one is really a melodic album (produced by NSR and delivered by Adipocere). The specialized press then spoke of a talented highly creative band, with a personnal style, full of promise.

Now, Dryade's latest album "Inscape" is coming out. It's a mix of lyrical songs and satured guitars. Born from the metal underground music, the band is now playing a more introspective and emotionally powerful music while keeping its communicative energy.