Red Circuit - Biography

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RED CIRCUIT are actually a kind of Prog Metal-Group, comprising of the creative heads of many of the genre's top bands. For example, the Sri Lankan born singer, Chity Sompala (ex-Avalon, ex-Firewind) and keyboarder Markus Teske, formerly with the hardrock band Sheela, better known as producer and engineer for Vanden Plas, Symphony X, Saga, Neal Morse, Mob Rules, Weissglut and Ian Parry´s Consortium Project. In addition come more experienced musicians in the form of guitarist Oliver Noerdlinger, bass player Tommy Schmitt (ex-ZE:US), drummer Frank Bodenheimer and backing vocalist Christine Wolff. As composer and musical arranger Markus Teske called upon the talent of Vanden Plas singer Andy Kuntz, who, in his role of co-producer, brought numerous important ideas into the project.

But in the quest for true technical and musical perfection, RED CIRCUIT went one further and called upon Patrick Rondat (Solo in ´Search For Your Soul'), Adagios Stephan Forte (Solo in ´Is It Gold?!') and Stephan Lill from Vanden Plas (Solo in ´The Veil'), three additional guitarists as guest musicians. And for the recordings themselves, well it was obvious that only the best address in Germany would do: the well-known Bazement Studios near Frankfurt. As if all this wasn't enough, RED CIRCUIT wanting to give the songs' lyrics the necessary soul, worked out a special concept. Inspired by a volume of poetry by Klaus Kinski, all the album's lyrics deal with the complex subject of human dishonesty in all its forms.