Almôra - Biography




Almôra; the unique name of Symphonic and Epic Rock in Turkey had been implemented as a Soner Canözer project in 2001. The "Standing Still & Cyrano" E.P. and the "Gates of Time" album both released in 2002 excited the audience's interest and the media as well. The album was placed in the best 10 albums of the year by some newspapers and magazines. Almôra won "The Best New Band of the Year" award by Kemanci Zine music magazine in 2002. "Gates of Time" which had a good press by some magazines abroad and came up with the one of the most popular albums especially in Jordan. The second album of Almôra; "Kalihora's Song" was released in the following year. This album had very good critics especially by the press abroad. "Shehrâzad" album that was released in the fall of 2004 has clinched the success of Almôra in abroad. Almôra took a giant step forward considering its international career by this album's releasing in Japan. "Shehrâzad" was widely approved by the Japanese music lovers and the two songs belong to Soner Canözer were used in Japanese by the legendary musical group "Takarazuka" in the musical of "Revue of Dreams". In this musical, there were also some other rock songs by famous musicians such as Ritchie Blackmore, Ronnie James Dio, Chris Impellitteri and Rob Rock. This show was also published in DVD format in January, 2006. Besides German Rock Hard; one of the most prestigious rock music magazines of Europe has praised Almôra and called it a prophet of music and culture. Almôra's fourth studio album "1945", which is the fifth work in discography, was released in winter of 2006. Mastering work of the album has been done in New York Masterdisk Studios. The world -famous Turkish tenor Hakan AYSEV has took his place as the lead vocalist of 2 songs in the album. These Rock-Opera songs are the first and the unique samples in the Turkish Rock history. Almôra's "1945" album has hold a huge place in national press and got high remarks from some important music critics. The album was chosen as the "The Best Album of 2006" by Yüxexes Music Magazine writers. Almôra has kept the success by releasing albums in other countries in 2006. "Kalihora's Song", "Shehrâzad" and "1945" had been released in Mexico in the middle of 2006, "1945" had been released in Japan in July. The successful album "Shehrâzad" had been stated as one of the 5 best albums of Turkish Rock (lyrics in English) history ever in Milliyet Newspaper and Blue Jean music magazine. Recently Almôra released a new record of one of the most popular songs; Cehennem Geceleri and prepared a special single and video clip in June, 2007. Almôra's first album "Gates of Time" had also been released in Mexico that summer. Almôra released "Kiyamet Senfonisi" in March 2008 as the first Turkish Gothic Rock album. Soner Canözer has worked with important musicians in this album which draws attention with its musical substance, epic and poetic lyrics and story. Ogün Sanlisoy, who is one of the most successful rock vocalists in Turkey, has performed "Iyiler Siyah Giyer". String instruments had been played by Senyaylar Strings Band and world-famous Roger Lian has performed mastering in New York Masterdisk Studios. "Kiyamet Senfonisi" got ahead of world-famous artists as "Avril Lavigne, Tokio Hotel and Nick Cave" and headed up to number 1 in best selling popular rock albums list of the biggest music markets and stayed on tops for weeks. Almôra has always been meeting with the fans in an epic atmosphere with successful and original stage performance. Almôra has shared the stage with many world-famous bands in several concerts and festivals.