Causemos - Biography

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It all started in '89 at Espoo, Finland when Simo Autio (guitar) asked if Mikael Vedenpää (guitar) wanted to join his "band". Mikael agreed. Simo made the songs, Mikael wrote the lyrics. Other members in the band were Jukka Vesamaa (drums) and Jürgen Schreiber (guitar, later bass), all of these guys were schoolmates. Jürgen was kicked out in '93 due to abscence at the rehearsals, and at the same time the band was named to Biopsy.

In '94 at the rehearsals this guy jumped from the back room of the music class and started playing a brutal bass solo. He was the new bass player and singer Petri Ervonmaa (Pete). From '95 we start our chronology. The band was renamed to Carnage and new songs were made, but the guys were disappointed with the development of Jukka's drumming skills. Luckily in '95 Pete brought a drummer friend to the rehearsals, the guys were impressed and Jukka was replaced by Rainer Tuomikanto (Raikku).

The band was re-renamed to Inthral (a modification from Enthrall) and did some gigs in Espoo. Reborn demo '96 was made and sold out instantly. Also lots of other material were made, but not released 'cause we were so picky. At first the music style was a kind of speed-thrash metal mixed with death metal, later melo-death came around. Between '97 and '99 Inthral recorded two demos at Brutal Art Sound Lab studios with Jani Holopainen on vocals. Neither of these were released simply because they sounded terrible. In '99 Jani left the band due to technical problems.

During Autumn '00, Simo took over the band's vocal duty. At the same time he was visiting the rehearsals of a local band and was impressed by the keyboard player Risto Kokkonen. Slightly after we re-re-renamed ourselves to Causemos (thanks to Agent Scully), Risto was recruited (read: stolen) to Causemos. He added a little twist to the music by bringing some cool cosmic atmospheres into it. Demo '01 was released, receiving a good amount of positive feedback. Unfortunately in '01 Pete left the band for personal reasons and also in '04 Risto left the band to pursue his career in graphics design.

The band was experiencing really tough times until fall of '05, when our future bassist Pekka Johansson contacted us and was very interested in playing with us, we said yes. In February '06 we started to work on our new demo. In summer of '06 Mikael left the band due to personal reasons, later Raikku found us our new guitar player Antti Lauri who by the way has no band experience whatsoever, nevertheless he is a very talented guitar player. September 16th of '06 Severed Senses Combined -demo '06 was released, the release party and gig was at Kantis restaurant in Helsinki. A little later Joel Pesonen enrolled for a keyboardist and now we are ready to kick some serious butt!!

Current style of Causemos is a bit hard to categorize, and in order to succeed we'd have to break down the music in parts as follows: Cosmic/Symphonic/Melodic/Neoprogressive/Power/Math/Black/Death Metal. And in the future all that may change... or not.