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Civilization One - Biography



Civilization One was launched in 2006 by singer Chitral Somapala (Red Circuit, Ex-Court Jester, Ex-Ivanhoe, Ex-Domain, Ex-Avalon, Powerworld, Moonlight Agony, David Shankle Group, Power Quest, Ex-Firewind and Faro) together with guitarist Aldo Lonobile (Secret Sphere), Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson (Maladaptive, Ex-Heavenly) and Luca Cartasegna (Secret Sphere). Their intention was to found a band which combines hard and aggressive riffs and the sensitivity of classical music combined with memorable vocals and choruses as achieved by the classical heavy metal bands.

The debut album Revolution Rising has been recorded in studios in France, Italy and Germany and has been mixed and mastered by Markus Teske (Vanden Plas, Mob Rules, Dominici, Symphony X and Red Circuit).

Vast distances and other obstacles between the original band members made it impossible to play live. By the end of 2007 the line up of Civilization One began to change. Only two of the original members, Chity and bass player Pierre-Emmanuel Pelisson (Maladaptive, Ex-Heavenly) stayed and guitarist Christian Muenzer (Obscura, Ex-Necrophagist) joined the band as the lead guitarist. He was followed by Boern Daigger (Majesty, R:I:P) as the second guitarist. It took slightly longer to find a drummer. Beginning of 2008 Holly Rodammer (Ex-Ancient Ceremony, Ex-Hellmasters) was announced as the new drummer. During the process of the changes in the line-up the band got the attention of promoters and bookings appeared in 2008 following the overwhelming response of the media regarding their ProgPower UK Pre-Party performance in 2007.

In November 2008 and October 2009 Civilization One followed the invitation of TNL (the biggest Radio station for Rock Music in Sri Lanka), and performed to 4,000 people as the main act at the TNL Onstage Finals show in Colombo. This is an absolute novelty, never before had a Western Heavy Metal band performed in Sri Lanka. The band returned for another show in Colombo in 2009.

Due to several reasons the band line-up changed again in 2009. Guitarists Nicklaus Bergen and Oliver Marmann and drummer Michael Stein are replacing the previous musicians. The band finished recording its second album Calling the Gods, but problems arose again as the record industry was changing, and the release of the album was held up. And then in 2010 the band broke up due to lack of interest in their new album from record labels. Now, finally in 2012, the band was able to acquire interest from label Limb Music and their second album Calling the Gods was finally released in November 2012. Get ready!

Source: Facebook