Revolution Renaissance - Biography




After joining Stratovarius 23 years ago Timo Tolkki did not expect to achieve the sales of 2,5 million records, a Finnish Grammy and 3 Gold Discs with his band. He was a pioneer in creating a highly copied Stratovarius production sound producing all the Stratovarius albums and also was pioneering together with his bandmates the genre of melodic and symphonic power metal that generated a whole generation of new bands that paid a tribute to his band. After writing over 120 songs and playing over 1200 shows with Stratovarius, Timo Tolkki decided to stop the band in October 2007 because of the very bad internal situation, chemistry and lack of motivation of the band. In a dramatic move he gave away all his rights to the entire catalogue of Stratovarius, including all the rights to the name he owned for his ex bandmates as a response to them from surprising notification that they would continue without him as Stratovarius.

Tolkki recorded an album called "New Era" and named the project "Revolution Renaissance". This highly acclaimed melodic metal album includes performances from such legends as Michael Kiske and Tobias Sammet.

After the Stratovarius turmoil, Timo Tolkki was not sure if he ever wanted to have a new band or tour again. After some months and the good response of "New Era" everywhere, he decided to carry on and started to search for permanent members for his new band. And ad in his myspace resulted in over 2000 applications from all over the world.

Among these people Tolkki chose the new members based on their personalities and life views and of course their playing skills. Enter Gus Monsanto (Vocals), Bruno Agra (Drums), Mike Khalilov (Keyboards) and Justin Biggs (Bass), this new band is a mixture of different nationalities and youthful energy. Some of the bands these new musicians have played before include names such as Adagio and Aquaria.

In June 2008 Revolution Renaissance signed a deal with JVC Victor for the whole territory of Southeast Asia.

In September 2008, the new line up started the recordings of new material and promotion in Helsinki.

December 2008 have kept Tolkki and his band members busy putting finishing touches to the band's first real debut album entitled "Age Of Aquarius". Recorded over 3 months in Finland, it is by far the darkest, heaviest and most symphonic album that Tolkki has ever been involved in.

The release date of "Age Of Aquarius" is 25.3.2009 in South East Asia (JVC) and on 9.3.2009 in the rest of the world. The tours are currently been booked to promote the forthcoming album worldwide and are planned to start from South America in early April.


Revolution Renaissance cherishes the legacy of Stratovarius in its music as a natural continuation to Tolkki's songwriting which contributed 95% of Stratovarius material in 23 years he played in the band. Paradise, Season of Change, Father Time, Black Diamond, Hunting High and Low, Kiss of Judas and Forever among other songs have left Tolkki's trademark Stratovarius sound and songwriting in the history of melodic symphonic power metal. Revolution Renaissance will continue this legacy with a new energy, enthusiasm and attitude.