God Macabre - Biography



Back when the band was known as Macabre End.


1988 - The embryo of what would become Macabre End and then God Macabre was born...right after Christmas four friends decided to start a grindcore band... Per, Ola and Niklas had been playing together in a punk band before this and Tomas was an old friend of the guys. They started to write songs that was a mix of grindcore and hardcore inspired by bands like Heresy, Napalm Death, Carcass, Agathocles etc... The name at this time was B.P.B. (Botten På Burken). The lyrics were pretty silly and were a mix of Swedish and English (often in the same song).

1989 - The band rehearsed and recorded a couple of rehearsal demos, but felt it was time to change the sound... Death metal was pretty new back then in Sweden and the guys had found the sound they wanted. There were still grindcore parts in the music, but now they became a full fledged death metal band and at the same time they changed the name to Macabre End and started writing all the lyrics in Eenglish.

1990 - Very early this year the band met Jonas who was playing guitar in the band Abhoth, but after he had heard some Macabre End songs he decided to quit Abhoth and join Macabre End instead. The band scrapped all the old songs to start fresh with this new line-up... In September this year the band went to the famous Sunlight Studio to record their first demo "Consumed By Darkness" (something they did in less than 11 hours...mix and lunch hour included). It became an underground classic with it's brutal sound and grinding death metal... The band was contacted by the French label Corpse Grinder Records about a possible 7" release, as it was the easiest thing to do it was decided that the demo should be the 7".

1991 - In January the band remixed the demo preparing it for the 7" and in June the record was released. Right after the EP had been released the band decided to change the name to God Macabre as it felt better with the music and lyrics... During this time the band was also contacted by Relapse Records about making another 7", but they decided to nix that idea when they got the offer from the German label Mangled Beyond Recognition Records to make a Mini-LP, which then grew to a CD release instead. Also during this year both the bass player (Tomas) and drummer (Nicke) left the band (bass player because of military service and drummer because of a new girlfriend that he rather spent his time with). But Nicke was paid to be a part of the recording of the album as it would have been too hard getting a new drummer before the studio session. The recording of the album was done in the Sunlight Studio again between Christmas and new year's and was the last time ever the band played together.

1992 - The band was talking with Johan Axelsson (ex Carnage vocalist) about joining the band as bass player, as God Macabre always been worshipping the early Carnage stuff and played "The Day Man Lost" live it would have been a dream come true. But sadly because of a too far distance between him and the rest of the band it never happened. The band was also looking for a replacement for Niklas on the drums, but as it was really hard finding a drummer that sounded like Niklas (and that was the only drummer type the band wanted) and not wanting to settle with less the band decided to break up in February/March 1992.. Per and Ola went to form the band Snake Machine which evolved into Space Probe Taurus where Ola is still playing today (2005)

1993 - After a lot of delays the God Macabre cd "The Winterlong" was released on December 13th this year.

2001 - Ola got contacted by Tom Hailey of Relapse Records asking if there was a possibility to make a re-release of the album. Per, Ola and Jonas went to remix and re-record the keyboard parts during the fall of this year. The mix went really bad (the re-recording went great though) so Per and Ola decided to redo the remix at a local studio which turned out much better...

2002 - Exactly 10 years after the band split up Relapse Records re-released the album. This version had the demo recording as extra tracks (those were left untouched in the remix process though).

2008 - This year finally saw the release of "The Winterlong" on vinyl... it was meant to be released on both vinyl and CD back in the early 90's, but due to the label not having money to do both it was only released on CD. So, Blood Harvest Records from Sweden finally released the album on vinyl - the version that was released is the same version that Relapse Records released on CD back in 2002.