Assaulter - Biography




Assaulter - An Australian two-piece band aligning with the Speed Metal tradition with a new view to kill. Formed as such in 2005 with the release of the 3 track demo 'Proselytiser', Assaulter showed a stripped back approach to Metal with a dark and epic feel - Consisting solely of S. Berserker, with the assistance of L. Bonic on the skins, it received a positive response both in Australia and overseas.

With the aim of forming a solid band, AC was recruited for the drum crushing and battery. After some time the 2nd demo "Omnipotent" was recorded in late 2006. With the Speed angle increased, this demo presented the cut that is Assaulter: Thrash and Death metal hooks with an epic overtone. This was pushed further with the release of the 'Subservience' 7" through Iron Bonehead in mid 2008 which featured 2 songs of both deathrash and epic sprawl. Come now toward the end of 2008, we present the debut album 'Salvation Like Destruction' - 7 cuts of ripping Metal full of venom and spite carved deep into black wax and sprawled by Germany's High Roller records in conspiracy with Iron Bonehead. Beyond the depletion of this, Singapore's Pulverised Records will have the CD ready by November. B E W A R E !

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