Common Grave - Biography



Common Grave was founded in the summer 1999 by EM (guitars), MZ (guitars) and XXVII (vocals). They started to play as a Brutal Death band and immediately began to compose their own songs.
In the following months Blackthorn (drums) and AR (bass) joined the band. After some time, influenced by the listening of other musical genres and having become aware of needing different ways to express themselves, they started to compose also some Black Metal songs.

In spring 2001 EM decided to leave the band because of a change in his interests and musical preferences; he was soon replaced by Suffer (guitars), completing the actual line-up.

In June 2002 they entered a studio to record their first demo. But the band, for many reasons, decided not to publish it.

In 2003 the band chose to leave all the Brutal Death songs written and played until that moment behind, and to continue to play Black Metal exclusively. Together with the composition of the new songs, also the live activity was going on and it brought the band to play in several successful events in the north-east of Italy, together with many other bands, like Handful of Hate, Natron, Ancient, Absentia Lunae, Tundra, Silva Nigra and Inferno amongst the others.

In January 2005 a promo entitled "Memories", containing two songs for a total duration of about 20 minutes, was recorded in prospect of the following full-length.

In April/May 2007, Common Grave recorded their first full-length album, "Il Male di Vivere". It contains 8 tracks, for a total duration of about one hour. Every track is connected with the others, no silence to let your mind rest.

In June 2007 a single track promo has been published, containing the rough mix of the title track of the album "Il Male di Vivere".

In November 2007 Common Grave signed a deal with Eerie Art Records for their full-length "Il Male di Vivere", which has been released in May 2008. The album got excellent reviews from all around the world, selling in one year almost all copies.

In 2009 AR left the band in order to follow other musical projects, and was replaced by Kaalt, who is the new bass player. With the new stable formation, the band is now working on the new tracks for the next album.