Waning - Biography




Waning is a concept; a concept of nothingness, of being lost and without direction or purpose. That concept should be familiar to most of you, and requires no elaborate explanation - it is in the air you are breathing, in the thoughts you are thinking and in the lives you are living. It is what drones are built of, feeds upon and are attached together with. It is insignificance and its color is grey. In our music, you will find sounds and lyrics describing humans, their society and joint relations.

The Origin
The unlikely story of this quintet began a night clad in whisky fumes in the late days of 2007, when mr. Arntsen, who had a band together with Attergran, Frizell & Sahlin but was missing a second guitarist, inquired mr. Ahlbäck about joining. Ahlbäck however had no interest in joining an existing band, but brought forth the idea to start something from scratch.

Normally the story would have ended here, who haven't "started a band" while drunk and forgotten about it the day after?

But as you understand this wasn't the case this time, a couple of weeks later the new band started to get together haveing meetings rather than writing songs, nothing was going to be left to chance. During theese meetings the newly formed band discussed possible band names, lyrical concept and musical approach at length. Early on it was decided that the concept of the band had to be something that all the members wholeheartedly could support.

At one of theese meetings, mr. Arntsen presented some lyrics he had written an early morning, while sitting on a bench outside a pharmacy in Biskopsgården (a suburb to Gothenburg) observing people passing by, theese lyrics were called Ödets Ironi, which means the irony of fate and in short covered the subject of aimlessness and the futility of mankind.

Surprisingly this first attempt to write lyrics for the band was also what was going to define the lyrical concept. Shortly after this mr. Ahlbäck had written and recorded some music he felt was fitting for the concept soon after this it was mr. Arntsen turn to put his personal touch to it with recording assistance from mr. Attergran whom had years of experience as a vocalist aswell.

Thus the first Waning song was created, and this was before the band ever had rehearsed, Mr. Ahlbäck quickly wrote some more music and finally it was time to enter the rehersal for the first time, where Attergran, Frizell & Sahlin put their own distinct flavor to the music.
At this point the music was leaning more or less towards doom, but this was soon to change.

Simultaneously with starting to rehearse the band sent the recordings to people they knew arround the globe and before long an US based band inquired about makeing a split album, Waning initially aggreed to do this, but felt that rather than just recording one of the, at the time, existing songs, they would write something new and different to what they had done before, exclusively for the split album, so Mr. Ahlbäck & Mr. Frizell got to work writing what later on became known as Shades of Grey, the music was slightly faster than it had been before and more black metal sounding in a somewhat progressive way, the band quickly decided that this was the way to go.

In about the same time the band was contacted by Italian Eerie Art Records, whom inquired about a record deal, at this time the band was about three months old and this ment that the split had to be abandoned in favour for the bands debut album.