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Forced Entry - Biography

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Forced Entry was a thrash metal band from Seattle, USA. They formed in 1982 by two childhood friends named Tony Benjamins and Brad Hull who knew each other from a soccer team. They began their career by playing covers from bands like Kiss, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. In 1984 Colin Mattson joined on drums. At this time they were going under the name Critical Condition. In April of 1987 they recorded their first demo called "All Fucked Up" and next came their second demo "Thrashing Helpess Down" in 1988. The second demo won them the Northwest Music Award for "Best Metal Band". In 1989 their debut album was recorded and released, followed by tours with Coroner / Atrophy and Sacred Reich / Obituary. After being dropped from Relativity Records and recording their self-financed EP "The Shore" in 1995 they broke up. They played a farewell show in their home town of Seattle on August 25th, 1995, in front of 3000 fans.