Inner Sanctum - Biography




Inner Sanctum is a multi-award winning death metal band from Bangalore, India. Formed in the latter months of 2006, the band was quick to take over the Indian metal scene with their aggressive, groove heavy adaptation of modern death metal. Since then, they've been tearing it up on every stage in the country, and having opened for Metallica and Slayer, are now fittingly regarded as the vanguard of metal in the country.

Since their inception, Inner Sanctum has garnered respect for being one of the most explosive live acts to come out of India's burgeoning metal scene. The band has gotten rave reviews in the press, with Metalhammer UK naming them one of the "Top 10 Bands to Watch Out for from India".

In a short span of five years, Inner Sanctum has achieved what some bands only dream of: their EP released in 2009 titled Provenence was listed as one of the best 10 EPs of the decade by Rock Street Journal. Provenance also received critical acclaim from other national and international publications, some even calling the band "world-tour ready".

In the summer of 2013, Inner Sanctum embarked on their biggest venture yet, an 8 city tour of Europe, seeking to conquer new stages and win over new legions of fans across the globe. The band took their signature brand of death/thrash metal to the masses in Europe in June 2013 on their debut tour of the continent, with festival appearances at Metalfest Poland (alongside Down, Accept, Volbeat and more) and Chronical Moshers (alongside Destruction, Vader, Dew-Scented, et al), and even a slew of club shows across Germany.