Fireblade - Biography

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Originally formed in the fall of 2002 out of the ashes of "Doom Metal" stalwarts Solstice by frontman Morris "Moz" Ingram and bass player Lee "Chaz" Netherwood who reverted to his weapon of choice, the guitar. The search for new members began and another bass player, namely Carl Fairhurst (ex-Sears Tear/The Prophecy) agreed to join on lead guitar. After rehearsing for a while Carl realised he couldn't balance his commitments between his homelife, Fireblade and The Prophecy, so opted for the latter and the split was amicable.

His replacement was a match made in ANANNAKI! Rik Welsh was recruited to the ranks and the Legacy began. Kevin Vowels and the the strangley named D.R. Enigma completed the line up on bass and drums respectively.

Fireblade began writing new material for 2004's debut promo CD "Chaos Prevails" which was recorded at Rebel Truce with ex-Solstice axeman Jerri Budby at the helm. The promo didn't meet the bands high expectations and was never released or submitted, a rethink was needed.

About this time original bass player Kev Vowels called it a day to concentrate solely on his Iron Maiden tribute band and two years were taken out due to illness.

Kev Vowels was replaced by the unkown entity Justin Case on bass and the final piece of the puzzle was in place.

A different sound began to emerge as Chaz began writing the new material and a buzz among peers could be heard as new songs were played for them. Prolific song writing followed and recording of the follow up Promo began in earnest with Chaz taking over the engineering duties at Belum Marduk Studio's.

The new promo sees the band showcasing 4 new songs: Contagion, Soulless, Heralds of Pestilence and Black Omega with the released version adding the live intro and outro titled The Conjuration of the Watcher and The Banishment of the Watcher respectively. The new promo "Daimonic Renaissance" see's the band moving away from the embrionic "Post-Doom-Thrash" sound evident on "Chaos Prevails" and into a Blackened Death/Thrash style or "Sumer-Pagan- Black-Thrash-Death-Metal" to give it a name!

Litum ina Girru!