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The Eternal Suffering - Biography

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Born in 2001 The Eternal Suffering is a Black/Death Metal band from Greece. In early 2002 they recorded their first Demo entitled "Born of Chaos" which contained 3 tracks (Eternal Suffering, Born of Chaos, Voices from the Grave) and was voted Release of the Month in several magazines including Metal Hammer(Greece) and well known webzines such as Metal Invader and Avopolis.

After a short period of live shows The Eternal Suffering entered the studio to record their first self financed album entitled "In Darkness We Shall Reign". The mastering of the album took place in Tampa-Florida in the famous Morrisound Studios by Jim Morris himself and gave the band amazing reviews from all over the world. Once again the press hailed the band and voted In Darkness... as the release of the month in Metal Hammer, soon to be followed by 4 more webzines. Several live shows took place all over Greece but unfortunately the band came to a pause due to military obligations of its members.

In early 2008 a brand new EP called Apognosis was released re-establishing the band as one of the most promising black metal acts from Greece. Apognosis featured 4 tracks of immense power, capturing moods and twisted melodies and the band hit the stage again supporting Dark Fortress for their first performance in Hellenic ground.

Their latest creation, Miasma, is the perfect realization of their musical vision, following the steps of some great acts of the international scene, such as Dissection, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Naglfar and Dark Fortress. Sown are the seeds of Corruption…

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