Prayers Of Sanity - Biography

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Prayers of Sanity started in Lagos, Algarve, Portugal, decided to remind everyone that the 80's Thrash is still alive and kicking. Formed in 2007 by the Bassist Carlos, Guitarist André, Vocalist/Guitarist Tião and the Drummer Bruno, Prayers of Sanity had their initial line-up, being changed in 2010 by the replacement of André for a new Guitarrist, Paulo.

Despite listening to other types and styles of music, thrash metal became, with no doubt, the main influence of these Portuguese Thrashers.

After 20 years of the birth of these genre, Prayers of Sanity makes thrash metal a daily meal and still gives a modern touch of heavy energy, beer and party. Prayers of Sanity are not "just another thrash metal band".

After launching their debut album "Religion Blindness" in 2009 and after some shows out of Portugal (Ireland, USA and Germany), they shared the stage with several important bands like: Municipal Waste(USA), Bonded by Blood(USA), Gama Bomb(IRL), Toxic Holocaust(USA), Sworn Amogst(SWE).

Also played in some big events like: Wacken Open Air, Slaughter by the Water, Vagos Open Air, Festival Ilha do Ermal, SWR, GDL.

...and May Thrash be with You!