Celestial Crown - Biography


The band originates from Tartu, Estonia. In the year 1999 Denis (The DeVol) together with his university friend Aleksander (a.k.a. Shel) decided to form a band. In 1996, they had been in another band that broke up because of misunderstandings. So, in the beginning of autumn 1999, CELESTIAL CROWN was started with Denis as a vocalist and lyrics writer, and Shel as a composer and guitar player. In October 1999 they did a home-made demo "Invasion Of Suicidal Angels". In the spring of 2000 Sergei (The Serpent) joined CELESTIAL CROWN on a lead guitar, and Diana followed soon as a female vocalist. The band started practicing and were soon ready for a concerts and a studio recording.

In October 28, 2000, CELESTIAL CROWN did their first show in a garage for their friends, just to see how it would be... and it was great! In December 2000, they started recording "Invasion..." in local inexpensive studio, which they finished in June of 2001. For the next several years Arno joined the band on the bass guitar.

The year 2002 brought new strength to Celestial Crown. Their debut album "The Embraced" was released by Doom Records!!! But? unfortunately, In March 2002 Doom Records announced their bankruptcy and closed down. So Celestial Crown lost their label, but the guys did not give up and started working on a new material generally in the Denis home-based studio during the period from July 2003 to April 2004. Finished material was released by Divenia Music in 4th July 2005.

Suicidal Angels was Re-released in 13th March 2006 with new cover and 3 bonus tracks added. In the song "Two for the tradegy" (nightwish cover) female voclas were recorded by Victoria from the local band Inferno.

During 2006 year band worked with new material and was looking for a drummer. Close to Christmas they did some demo songs for Promo 2007, which was launched in December 2007. During the year 2007 there were several serious changes in band line-up. Dmitry came to play bass guitar, Diana went in maternity leave and Maria has joined the band on female vocals. What is most important, the band found a drummer, Meelis. And the only vacant place - keyboard - was filled by Elena, Sergei's wife. Moreover, Artem came with second keyboards for the songs where four hands are required. So, present line-up numbers 8 people! Now band hardly works on a new material, which differs much from previous works both in ideas and quality.