Volturyon - Biography



Volturyon first saw the dawn of light in 2005 when long time friends Johan and Crille decided to start jamming together. The band's first demo Forever Suffer was released in 2006, catching the attention of German record company, Obscure Domain Productions. The band was offered a one album deal.

So far the band has released two full length albums: Blood Cure and Coordinated Mutilation. German company Obscure Domain Production signed Volturyon after having heard their first demo and released Blood Cure in 2008. Volturyon's next album Coordinated Mutilation was released by American company United Guttural in 2011 to favorable reviews. Volturyon has played in most European countries to support the two albums. Highlights include: several trips to the UK and Ireland, trips to France, Belgium and Germany and a tour of Eastern Europe supporting the band Demonical. The band has also played a lot in their native Sweden, including Sweden Rock Festival in 2009.

Due to member changes and some other misfortunes, the public didn't hear that much progress from Volturyon in 2013, even though a lot of work was done behind the scenes. Among other things, the band started to work on an EP, containing four new brutal tracks.

In June 2014 the EP Human Demolition was released by ViciSolum Productions.

Much of the work has been done for a full-length album, and therefore another dose of brutality from Volturyon is currently set to be released upon the world in 2015.