The Wandering Midget - Biography


This is the full, detailed history of The Wandering Midget coalition.

It happened in the last days of 2005 that two devoted men of science, Samuel Wormius and Jonathan Sprenger, decided to form an esoteric coalition which they named The Wandering Midget. Both had taken their time to learn the forgotten art of preservation of vital powders of both flora & fauna and knew well their usage in
native purposes. After rumors started to spread, another promising young scientist, namely Thomas Grenier, became highly convinced about the studies of these two, and therefore offered them his help. This offer was highly appreciated and soon the things really started to shape up...

In the summer of 2006 the group published their first self-financed study, which carried the name "First Encounter". This demonstrative work was sold out in Autumn of 2007, yet was republished later during the same year with two new appendices, ominous "I Am The Gate" and massive "Wasteland Shrine". This package was released by Eyes Like Snow, and became known as "I Am The Gate"-EP. Some field work was done by the trio, yet they didn't receive much attention on Finnish stages. "I Am The Gate", however, gained great reviews around the globe and The Wandering Midget disappeared into the silence of the Finnish countryside where they began preparations for their first full-length album.

The rites and studies concerning this project took place at their laboratory, also known as Redroom Studio, where they spent most of their spare time during spring and summer of 2008. At the end of July, as the faded stars hung low in the sky, the three men chanted an ancient spell of incantation, and the spirit child of an ancient race was raised from the amethyst chalice. This entity was then trapped into six onyx urns and given the name "The Serpent Coven".

Again, the product of their studies was received with open arms by the world's esoteric elite, but at the same time the villagers' suspicions began to awaken due to trio's somewhat noisy experimentation. The Wandering Midget were forced to part ways, and with each member moving to a different town their meetings grew much more rare.

However, at the end of the infernal summer of 2011 the group had once again collected enough knowledge and were able to start a new series of tests. These tests started at the Redroom Studio, but this time they decided to avoid villager's attention by mobilizing the equipment and committing their shady deeds in various locations. This time the spiritual energy streams were channeled into existence with pineal gland stimulation combined with prolonged sessions of sensory deprivation. Materialized beings were then questioned and soon it became clear that each of the four beings had their own, unique mind and their own story to tell...