Masachist - Biography

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Masachist is a child of Thrufel, a mind possessed by death metal. Thrufel earned his reputation playing in bands such as Yattering and Azarath, but after many years of performing someone else's songs he realized it's not enough. Especially since his own ideas were better. Nevertheless, finding the right people for the band proved more difficult than he expected.

It wasn't until he joined forces with Daray (who at the time was drumming for Vader) that things started happening. The two wrote two songs for a "promo", which was released in 2007. In the meantime they were joined by Heinrich (bass, also in Vesania) and Aro (guitars, also in Shadows Land). Now all they needed was someone to take over the microphone… and who better than Pig, the former vocalist of Decapitated? With him on board, they wrote and recorded their debut album, Death March Fury, due out in May 2009 by Witching Hour Productions.

At this stage all they cared about was recording. In spite of this, at the end of 2010 they decided to play three exclusive gigs (two of which were in support of French masters Gojira). At the beginning of 2012 they also took part in the "Covan Wake The Fuck Up", and a massive touring campaign is to follow when their second album hits the shelves.

After the success of Death March Fury, they decided to keep the ball rolling and spend most of 2011 writing the follow up. The recording session commenced in June of the same year at Monroe Studio, owned by Aro (guitar player in the band and a producer of the album).