Symphony In Acrimony - Biography

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Symphony In Acrimony is a solo project founded and precisely crafted by me, Jordan Varela. I have played in many other bands such as Lust of Decay, Lividity, Debodified, Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement, Domination Through Impurity, and Cesspool of Vermin. All these bands, some part of my past and some still part of my future, have helped me to reach this point in my music where I have not become afraid to drift from the ordinary death metal scene. I have always been infatuated with the music of Lykathea Aflame, Edge of Sanity, Kvist, Garden of Shadows, Third Moon, Enthral...etc And believe it or not I started out playing black/death metal before I solely focused on brutal death metal. Since Atmospheric metal (avante garde/symphonic metal) has been a huge passion of mine I really desired to make my own solo project happen. Dan Swano was always the best at doing this in my opinion and I feel that he has given so much blood to the scene. I truly desire to do the same. So many people have bought my bands albums, came to see us play, gave us praise, and just supported the entire underground scene...So ladies and gents of the metal community it is my honor to bring you my new 33 minute long death metal epic album "Soul's Celestial Saga" ...Some will love it, some will hate it...but what matters is that I truly feel the essence of everything I put into this album since it took me 2 + years to finalize everything. Enjoy...and again thanks for supporting my endeavors!