Ash Borer - Biography




Emerging as one of the most revered new bands within the ever polarizing movement of this present day American black metal scene, Ash Borer are a band that will be known as of the pillars within the genre. Through violent waves of harsh virulent sonic ambiance, the time-expanding songs that Ash Borer manifest hold true to a certain aspect of the essence of black metal; on a sonic level Ash Borer's brand of unearthly trance-inducing ambient black metal holds its own ground by upholding the genre's aesthetic, while on a lyrical and thematic level, Ash Borer do touch upon subjects that deal with spiritual themes and religious initiation, all while harboring that slight aura of mystique and mysticism they also present.

Nonetheless, Cold Of Ages (which also features a guest appearance by Jessica Way of Worm Ouroboros on the tracks "Convict All Flesh" and "Removed Forms") is a surging and hypnotizing sonic pillage that stands as one of the defining moments of America's present-day black metal scene.