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Golden Resurrection - Biography




Golden Resurrection was formed in 2008 by Christian Liljegren vocalist & founder of Narnia, Divinefire, and Audiovision & vocalist, guitarist & composer Tommy ReinXeed the man behind ReinXeed and "Swedish Hitz Goes Metal".

Both Christian & Tommy realized they had the same passion and fire for neoclassical power metal and Golden Resurrection was born.

During 2008-2009 they wrote the songs that later become the debut album Glory To My King and marked a new era for neoclassical power metal.

Narnia fans were very curious about Christian's new band because they haven't heard those strong neoclassical influences in Christian's music since the golden days of Narnia especially the albums Awakening, Long Live The King, and Enter The Gate.

Again Japan showed big interest in the band and several labels wanted Christian & Tommy's signature as they together have released over 20 different studio albums in Japan.

King Records in Japan offered the best deal and they have many big metal bands on their rooster such as Rhapsody Of Fire, Stryper, U.D.O., Asia and many more.

Both Christian & Tommy had released several albums before through King Records in Japan with Divinefire and ReinXeed. With Divinefire Christian did a Japanese tour in 2005 that was very successful and all ReinXeed's albums have sold good in Japan.

The debut album by Golden Resurrection was released in 2010 in Japan and scored 88 points in Burrn! Magazine and the Japanese fans have found a new neoclassical power metal band to follow.

They also filmed several videos released on YouTube and other media on the internet to promote their debut album Glory To My King. Songs like and "See My Commands" and "Proud To Wear The Holy Cross" are loved songs among the fans and over 200,000 views on YouTube.

Now the interest from the fans started to grow to see Golden Resurrection live and new members were recruited just before the final stages for the Glory To My King release.

Mk1 of Golden Resurrection:

Christian Liljegren - Vocals

Tommy ReinXeed - Guitars & vocals

Steven K - Bass

Rickard Gustafsson - Drums

Olov Andersson - Keyboards

Before the premiere live show with Mk1 the keyboard player Olov Andersson has to leave the band because of health reasons. A sad chapter as Christian & Olov are very close friends and still are.

The band continued and did some shows as a quartet and in early 2011 Kenneth Lillqvist joined the band as their new keyboard player and marked the beginning of Mk2 of Golden Resurrection.

The song writing process for the 2nd studio album Man With A Mission took a more melodic and symphonic touch comparing to Glory To My King.

Still you hear the neoclassical metal elements especially in Identity in Christ the first video from the Man With A Mission album and so far nearly 120,000 views on YouTube.

In March 2011 Golden Resurrection also recorded and released a charity single and video called "Pray For Japan" to support their friends and fans in Japan after the earthquake that happen.

Japan has a very special place in the hearts of the members in Golden Resurrection & ReinXeed. This song was included as bonus track on the Japanese edition of Man With A Mission.

The release of the 2nd album was in October 2011 and got good reviews in metal press.

The band started touring and visited several countries besides Sweden such as Norway, Finland and Germany and they got more requests for live shows from South America, Eastern Europe & US but then in late 2011 two members Kenneth Lillqvist & Rickard Gustafsson jumped off the train because of family reasons.

Of course this was a tough period for the band but the three remaining members decided to continue, but took a break from touring and started to write new material for the 3rd album and to find new members.

Six month passed and all songs for the upcoming album with the title One Voice For The Kingdom was written. Golden Resurrection has also find two great new members.

First to be recruited was Svenne Jansson on keyboards. Svenne has played with Jerusalem, one of the more known Swedish hard rock bands with many world tours behind. Svenne's style of playing is like a great mix of Jon Lord (Deep Purple) and Jens Johansson (Rising Force, Stratovarius).

The new drummer of Golden Resurrection is Alfred Fridhagen. He is only 19 years young and extremely good talent and very fast. Alfred is a powerful drummer in the same style as Uli Kusch ([band]Helloween[band], Masterplan) and Jörg Michael (Stratovarius). This marked start of the Mk3 of the band.

Golden Resurrection wanted to show a more in your face metal approach on the 3rd studio album. This time titled One Voice For The Kingdom. More neoclassical power metal elements were used in the same direction as the first album Glory To My King.

The response from media when they saw Golden Resurrection Mk3 live was neoclassical power metal in the finest form.

Mk3 line-up did some more shows in Sweden during August and now the audience was convinced that Golden Resurrection deliver one of the best neoclassical power metal you can see today.

Now with a powerful show and great songs including big guitar solos, drum solos and keyboard solos plus vocalist Christian Liljegren who works so hard with the audience you get the perfect metal show in all aspects.

With this new invented energy into the band they started their recording sessions in July 2012. The new album One Voice For The Kingdom master should be for release November 21, 2012 in Japan and January 18, 2013 for the rest of the world.

The band has now tried to invent the best musical influences from neoclassical & power metal with some classic rock elements as the band members loves band such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Pretty Maids, Stryper, Rainbow, Helloween, Stratovarius, Masterplan and Gary Moore.

One major thing to improve the sound production on One Voice For The Kingdom comparing to previous albums was to involve Ronny Milianowicz in the album mix. Ronny has worked with many great artists such as Primal Fear, Cans, HammerFall, Michael Kiske (Helloween), Amon Amarth, Wolf, Dionysus, Fergie Fredriksen (Toto), Saint Deamon and many more.

What also makes this metal album unique today is that there are no triggers used at all on the drums to keep the powerful natural, acoustic drum sound. Our new shining star on drums Alfred Fridhagen only 19 years is a name to remember and his playing is amazing.

The whole album is metal right in your face and we kept the energy and fire that Golden Resurrection delivers on their concerts.

In September 2012 the band also make an agreement with personal manager Niclas Eliasson, DOT Music to reach the next step. Niclas has for many bands and done many tours since the late 80's.

Golden Resurrection are now very excited for the new chapter of the bands history.

The Golden story continues...

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