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Also known as UDO

Country: Germany
Label: AFM Records

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Formed in: 1987
Broke up: 1991-1997

1987- Heavy metal


1987-  Udo Dirkschneider - vocals
2012-  Andrey Smirnov - guitar
2015-  Sven Dirkschneider - drums
2018-  Tilen Hudrap - bass
2018-  Dee Dammers - guitars
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1988  Peter Szigeti - guitar
1988  Frank Rittel - bass
1988-1991  Mathias Dieth - guitar
1989  Andy Susemihl - guitar
1989-1991  Stefan Schwarzmann - drums
› 1997-1999  -//-
1989-1991  Thomas "Bodo" Smuszynski - bass
1990  Wolla Boehm - guitar
1991  Frank Fricke - guitar
1997-1999  Jürgen Graf - guitar
1997-2012  Stefan Kaufmann - guitar
1997-2019  Fitty Wienhold - bass
1999-2013  Igor Gianola - guitar
2000-2004  Lorenzo Milani - drums
2004-2014  Francesco Jovino - drums
2013-2017  Kasperi Heikkinen - guitars
2017-2018  Bill Hudson - guitars
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1988  Thomas Franke - drums
2004  Marcus Bielenberg - bass
2018  Stefan Kaufmann - guitars
2019-2010  David Reece - vocals
1997-2007  Frank Knight - backing vocals
2002  Doro Pesch - vocals


Latest reviews

U.D.O. are back with their sixteenth studio album, Steelfactory, and it comes just after Udo Dirkschneider's worldwide tour under the name Dirkschneider, in which this heavy metal legend performed his Accept material for the last time. This chapter is supposed to be closed for good now and we have new music from U.D.O. to listen to. But does someone ever close one of the most successful chapters in his career?   Review by nikarg ››
Some people just live and breathe heavy metal, and none more so than Udo Dirkschneider, lead vocalist of U.D.O., who dispels any notion that old age results in mandatory mellowing out. Indeed not many of the 1970s vintage metal pioneers still crank out meaty slabs of heavy metal, other than maybe Udo's old band, Accept.   Review by deadone ››
After a really bad album (the infamous "Mission N° X") Udo Dirkschneider and his personal combo had to react seriously. Honestly, the previous album was a joke and a bad one and all the fans of the great Udo and the one of Accept, were really...   Review by Jeff ››
The other day I was reviewing "24/7" the "promotional" EP of the new album of Mr Udo Dirkschneider with U.D.O., not really surprising this CD was even actually a bit scary because except "24/7" and a song that's not...   Review by Jeff ››

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