Edenian - Biography

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The band was formed in Kharkov, Ukraine in 2010, under the great influence of such bands as: Draconian, Doom:VS, Swallow The Sun, Saturnus, Katatonia and early stuff of Tristania, Sirenia and Xandria.
Firstly, the band carried the name Eternia, but for some reasons the name was changed to Edenian.
Over the next months, the newborn band worked hard on the material that was included to their first full-length album "Winter Shades". The album was released on May 28, 2012 through the BadMoodMan Music (Solitude Productions sub-label).
August 26, 2012 - New single "Fall The Dusk" was released and available for free download.
Lately in 2012, the band entered the studio to record a new album that's named "Rise Of The Nephilim".
December 16, 2013 - new album, "Rise Of The Nephilim" came out through the Solitude Productions/BadMoodMan Music.

For now band consists of two main members (Max "Eternal Tom" Molodtsov - Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drum-programming, music, lyrics & Valerie Chudentsova - Vocals, music) and four hired live musicians to be able to perform shows.

Official Discography:

2012 - Winter Shades (Full-length)
2012 - Fall The Dusk (Single)
2013 - Rise Of The Nephilim (Full-length)

Past members:

Samantha Sinclair (Vocals on the "Winter Shades" album)
Vladymyr Tsymbal (Vocals on the "Winter Shades" album, live 2011-2013))
Oleg "Zarg" Dotsenko (Guitar, live 2011-2013)
Alex Mor (Bass, live 2011-2013)

More specified info can be found here: http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Edenian/3540346927