Metallic Taste Of Blood - Biography


Truly an ambitious side project for Colin Edwin, who, along with Italian guitarist Eraldo Bernocchi (Obake, Winter Garden), keyboardist Jamie Saftil (Masada, New Zion Trio) and drummer Balazs Pandi (Obake, Merzbow, Otto Von Schirach), gave life to Metallic Taste of Blood, which is also the title of their first album. An entirely instrumental album, but certainly not devoid of content. In fact, the lack of vocals and lyrics is vastly filled by the multiple sounds enriching the album. How to classify Metallic Taste of Blood, we wonder? When we have to do with artists at 360 degrees, masters that roam at their leisure in the universe of music, it's more and more difficult to place their work in a genre. Surely in Metallic Taste of Blood we come across various musical genres, even within the same song. You can happen to listen to the more extreme metal, played perhaps on drone guitar, then switch to reggae, such as in the track "King Cockroach". This is the spirit with which the listener should be approaching this album: expect everything. Definitely one of the most interesting, deep and bold projects that were born to Porcupine Tree bass player Colin Edwin, thanks to the sense of freedom that reigns while we're listening to the album. A different shade of metal, vaguely Porcupine Tree style, collected in 10 tracks, released only in a basic version on CD digi-pak, as well as non-physical versions in FLAC and MP3 formats Download from RareNoise Records.