Blood Farmers - Biography




Blood Farmers formed back in 1989, strongly influenced by Black Sabbath and adding many other early 70's influences to their heavy sound. Their first official release, the 1991 demo Permanent Brain Damage (re-released on Leafhound Records in 2004), immediately showed the psychedelic influences in the music of Blood Farmers. Having a playtime of more than 47 minutes, this one could easily be considered as the band's first full length, but the time still wasn't right and the band still in search for a decent record deal, so they entered the studio to record another demo, entitled Bury The Living, Harvest The Dead before being noticed and picked up by Hellhound Records from Germany.

Immediately, Blood Farmers were the most mysterious heavy Doom band on Hellhound Records. Their Bloodfarmers debut album, released in 1995, included a cover-artwork which had been taken from Deranged, one of the best movies about the character and madness of Ed Gein, while the back cover shows a tasteful and eerie band photo. One of Blood Farmers' songs, "Bullet In My Head", also appeared on the soundtrack for Richard Anasky's film I Am Vengeance.

Shortly after the release, in 1996, Blood Farmers broke-up, when guitarist Dave Depraved left to pursue a writing career, while vocalist Eli Brown later joined the heavy-psych group M-Squad. Guitar player Ross Markonish and drummer Will Broadbent from Ogre joined the band for a reunion in 2007 with original bassist Dr. Phibes, and then toured Japan with them in 2008.

Current band lineup features Dave Depraved, Eli Brown and drummer Tad Leger (Toxik).