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Intronaut - Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones) lyrics


01. Killing Birds With Stones

Does the day keep you up at night?
Hard to say, after all we've tried

Broken down
Fading out

As everywhere and everything
Disappears before my very eyes
I crawl back to the places I've been before
I know the way to the only thing that's real

So why am I always so close when I decide to walk away?

02. The Welding

The sun also rises
Just before going down
Here we are again

Answer the call to the beyond
It's inside you
Why do you run from what you can't escape?

Trace your steps through the chasm of time
The answers you lost
To the questions you never asked
Are there for us to find

03. Steps

This is how it begins
The means become the end
And the end never ends

Move on,
And on...

Take us home
Through sound and light
The day is done
The day is won
Take us back to the night

04. Sore Sight For Eyes

Lie awake
Lie to fake our way through life
Realize- we can't stay

We're always afraid
We're never alone
We're unwanted
Look away

It drags us down into the sea
Our screams unheard, it's too late
The mess we made is all that remains
And all we have to do now is wait

Engulfed by suspicions and remorse,
We fail
Our open road, lying in wait just beyond the horizon slowly fades

05. Milk Leg

Blank and numb
No love or hate
All distraction

No meaning
Just rats in the wheel
Chasing our tales

How did we become so happy to ignore it all

At last,
We are all the same
Now that we have found a way to smile when this all ends

See you in the dirt

06. Harmonomicon

Never look down

It is known

Where to find distant times
When only we were

It felt like a sigh

The silence that passed by

It's the unknown that leads us back home

We close our eyes,
And leave ourselves outside
The feeling fades,
And I am not alright
It's the unknown that leads us back home

07. Eventual

It started with chalk, a dream, and the ground
Mind was on fire

Flooded with shapes
That always existed but were never there

Founders and sankofites
Connecting it all
I let them use me

Closer now

Ignored when I questioned the end
To the progress few have ever made

And now, with a change at a way out
I have one more letter to write...

08. Blood From A Stone

Wait until the sky falls
Endless, it consumes us all
It's all gone

Wait until we all wish we could stop
Waiting for the other shoe to drop
It's all gone now

All the lies we tell
All the lies we sell

09. The Way Down

The first voice whispered
To him and no one else

His hand begins to tremble
For the first time but certainly not the last

The next voice had more to say
One last step until what was is no more

The walls close in
The world unraveled
Wasting away