Pin-Up Went Down - B-Sides lyrics


01. My Never Heard

My never-heard, who are everywhere,
Hallowed be your name.
Your Kingdom is wasted
And We shall be blamed on earth as they are in Hell
Give me today the ultimate key
To free a dog, a calf, a rabbit, a mouse, a kitty, a mink, a horse, a seal, a cochineal, a monkey, a weasel, a pig, a chick, a rat, an elephant…
and deliver us from blindness.
And I'll walk under the arch of rest

02. Irrelevant Waste

Cause we all do this for nothing

When you look around you feel amazed
Just have to breathe the world and time goes by
When you look around you feel amazed
And you don't even see the deadline on your shoulders
Sing with birds and recycle your can
Think you act for the best you can
But do… what?

Cause we all do this
Everyday is an endless fight
A nothingness for nothing
And we all do this
And you pray to be in a another daydream

Sing with cans
Recycle your birds
Think you act by claiming empty words
To do…what?
And you pray to be in a another daydream

But I realize the forests are my nervures
And I'll be a part of it
A part of the ground, around
Il nulla distrutto and the ground around
Will go where it's coming from
and the ground around
Will go where it's coming from

03. Add As Fiend

Add me/ You/ added Me
Oh, and leave a comment
Like when I'm gonna eat an apple
Will you put a
" There's nothing you can do, cause they're really really are the same so go away "

Now I know you, and now you're mine
Like a *clap clap* in a disco song
Like my bro ding ding ding dong
Like my sis oh like a like my God
I know you, and you're mine
and you're like my God

Like a clap clap in a disco song, gonna gonna be mine
Like a click/boom in da head, yar gonna shoot my time
Big up brotherhood big big up brotherhood!
" Hey, yo Mama used to forget dat her baby needed proofs "
Wake up! Reset just right before you have to survive
Before he asks your soul your pants your nails to be buried with him
Cause he needs a sacrifice, yes he needs to be someone for someone!

Sorry to bother,
To disturb you
But it's time to answer
I know you're busy, but I love you
So you have to listen

Logging out,
You're not so free … I'm always always there
Like an orphan poison in your blood
your blood
don't let me down

Sorry to be there, to disturb you
But you have to listen:
I've chosen to be the shade of your
Choices and Gun.

04. Ego Ego Go

Her denial's complete
She suffocates and seethes
No misfortune nor curse
No real " One " to blame
The world
is the lil' Truth which revolves
around the World
Ta gueule
Ta Gueule

Me, myself, my own,
I and all all mine
She/We all live in our tower

Gimme me me/you/her a little more
Gimme me me oh
Gimme gimme some more
Let her ego run far
Let her ego ego go
For her withered ideal
She's sticking to her guns
And for her
" I and Me "
She shoots while asking

For help…
But why?
Ta gueule
No misfortune no curse
No real One to blame
If you tell her she's making the right or wrong choices
It's the same
Ta gueule

Gimme me me/you/her a little more
But at the end of her Bury Tale…

" Did she fall, mummy?
-Yes sweetheart, unfortunately she fell down many many times… and she's still… falling, you know… without even knowing it. "