Trap Them - Darker Handcraft

Hardcore/Grindcore/Crust Punk 29.07.2011

Here's something totally awesome for you. MOAR GRIME.

Seriously, this frantic hardcore/grindcore crust-punk album is a shit-stomping fantasy. Includes bonus Entombed-like production values!

Mother Of Mercy - IV: Symptoms Of Existence

Hardcore 29.07.2011

HxC recommendations for metalheads #2: this is what metallic hardcore (aka "real" metalcore) is all about. Some will say this blast of an album will knock your brains out, others will call it porn for the blind. Enough reason you ought to check this one out.
Picked by: Thryce
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Wino - Punctuated Equilibrium

Stonerish Hard Rock/Doom 25.07.2011

2009 was awesome. Everyone knows it. No need for reminders. But you really do need to be reminded that this too came out in that holiest of years. And it has Wino and Jean-Paul Gaster. Working together. Making sweet, sweet music. And it kills.
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Dane Train

Trapped Under Ice - Secrets Of The World

Hardcore 22.07.2011

HxC recommendations for metalheads #1: prolly one of the BEST hardcore releases of the past decade! Telling you, TUI are the current dominators in the genre. Not even kidding around this time.
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Doc Godin

Toxic Holocaust - Conjure And Command

THRASH. 19.07.2011

Makes an ideal soundtrack for any or all of the following:
A) Thrashing the fuck out.
B) Breaking things.
C) Ruining people's shit.
D) Being an all-around beast.

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Pagan's Mind - Heavenly Ecstasy

Progressive Power Metal 18.07.2011

Need a quality melodic metal fix? Get this aptly titled album in your cd player right away and listen as Pagan's Mind puts to shame most recent releases in this genre. The band's high energy and immense skill has these beautiful harmonies and killer melodies under your skin in a hot second.

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Church Of Misery - Houses Of The Unholy

Stoner Doom 18.07.2011

2009 was ages ago. Consider this a reminder that this album still exists and that it's still good.

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Mose Giganticus - Gift Horse

Sludge / Synth drenched Prog(?) 18.07.2011

Imagine Mastodon that's decided to become catchier, groovier with a healthy dose of electronica. Mose Giganticus can make you shit flowers in your yard. Consider your diligent prayers for something original have been answered.

After The Burial - In Dreams

Deathcore/Prog Metalcore 15.07.2011

Easily one of the most schizophrenic/most br00tal/best "core" releases of the past year. If this doesn't blast your shit make you pick flowers in the yard, I'm afraid nothing will...
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Ag Fox

Sleestak - The Fall Of Altrusia

stoner doom meets space rock 12.07.2011

In their follow-up to Skylon Express the lizardmen of Sleestak have let loose an engulfing and bewildering blend that mixes stoner doom with all sorts of various space-prog rock elements. Crushing doom riffs are followed by prolonged mellow sections that have you experiencing flashbacks... even if you never dropped acid.

These creepy hissing folks are a hell of a lot better writing songs than shooting their tiny little crossbows...

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Symphony X - Iconoclast

Progressive Thrash 12.07.2011

I usually try to pick less known stuff, but this time it has to be Symphony X. Iconoclast is utterly brilliant. It's the most brilliant release I've heard in 3 years. It's also the best-produced fucking brilliant metal album in history. Oh, did I mention that it's brilliant?

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Clutch - Slow Hole To China: Rare And Unreleased

Clutchy 11.07.2011

Conceal fanboyism? Fuck that. Clutch? I love 'em. So it's a source of pain to me that this album only has 6 votes here. Yeah it's a collection of previously unreleased tracks, and those things are normally for fans only, but these are Clutch scraps. They're just as chunky and groovy and the lyrics are just as surreal as you'd expect and they're definitely not for fans only. So get to it.

Devin Townsend - Deconstruction

Devin "Over-The-Top" Townsend 08.07.2011

Mix the madness of Infinity with the whole stupid craziness of Ziltoïd, and Strapping Young Lad's multi-layered sonic aggression. Add an orchestra, and a bunch of the best extreme vocalists around.

And serve with a cheeseburger!

Becoming The Archetype - Celestial Completion

Progressive metalcore 08.07.2011

Exquisite band! Extremely diverse sound! Extraordinary tunes! Excellent album! Exceptional experience!
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Dane Train, Mr. Doctor

Corrupted - Vasana

Crushing Sludge 07.07.2011

After a number of specta-awesomely-cular releases ("Paso Inferior", "Llenandose De Gusanos", "Se Hace Por Los Suenos Asesinos" and "El Mundo Frio" just to name a few), Corrupted continue their winning streak with "An Island Insane" and "Vasana", a double ep release. And once again, Corrupted treads new ground.

"Vasana" opens up with a typical Corrupted moment, too. A melancholic sound, a thundering yet slow groove, Corrupted once again presents itself as a gargantuan mass battling inertia, life and a whole bunch of other things. More inviolable and incomprehensible than "An Island Insane", "Vasana" lies closer to Corrupted's four releases. There's no sign of stagnation though, as the strong melancholic vibe is a largely new part of Corrupted's ever expending spectrum. And possibly a tell-tale of what's to come?
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Marcel Hubregtse, Daniell, Mr. Doctor

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