Enslaved - The Sleeping Gods

black floyd 25.05.2011

Starting with where their most recent left off, the Sheep-stealers from Enslaved make a 90 degree turn and cut through prog country before ending up in Viking land. Not Amon Amarth viking land, but as close an approximation to Ye Olde Viking Music as one might expect.

Best of all, it's apparently free thanks to, uh, a car company which spits out cars which look like bricks. Pretty cool stuff... the music. And maybe the car company... when they come out with the V-Box, complete with horns, shield hubcaps, and axe-rack on the back, i'll be interested.

Turisas - Stand Up And Fight

Symphonic Awesomeness 24.05.2011

I don't really understand why some people are disappointed with this release. Sure, it's a little less aggressive than their previous albums, but I think this (with the help of a stronger focus of symphonic elements in the song writing) gives their music a more whimsical movie/classic RPG soundtrack feel. I mean, if "End Of An Empire" doesn't make you wanna fight (and die) for the glory of your homeland and ancestors, then you may as well drop your mighty battleaxe and banish yourself from the Kingdom of Metal. So sit back, relax, and let Turisas take you on little imaginary adventures with each epic track on Stand Up and Fight!

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Fat & Sassy!
Lyrinan, DerRozzengarten, GT

Hate Eternal - Phoenix Amongst The Ashes

Death metal 22.05.2011

Hate Eternal are back with another monumentally brutal slab of death metal. Phoenix Amongst The Ashes is as crushing as death metal can get. If you wish to remove your face; this album will probably do the trick.

Sonne Adam - Transformation

OLD SCHOOL Death Metal 16.05.2011

Say goodbye to the overproduced and plastic shit that is sold to you as "Death Metal" and get a taste of what the genre really is about. Trasformation is the debut by this young and promising Israeli band and you could swear it was released back in the old days. It's almost ironic how refreshing this sounds today.

With a doomy vibe to make everything more intense, this album will surely be a favorite for the lovers of Death Metal... The Real Way.

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Dirge - Elysian Magnetic Fields

Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal/Pulse-Wave Neocore 16.05.2011

Ok ignore that last classification, that was just a bit of self-indulgence. Then again who knows, it might catch on. This is something that positively vomits underground mass appeal; the kind of thing if more people were aware of they'd be frantically sprinting to the nearest tattooist to get the cover art etched into their forehead. Planet-sized dirges (appropriately enough) that melt into epic cleans and deep ambient nuancing over a monolithic 75 minute journey of dripping atmosphere, texture and melody with the odd Jesu and Cult of Luna inflection.

Quite possibly the only album you'll need this year? Oh yeah, they're French too. Quelle surprise.

Anaal Nathrakh - Passion

Grindcore 15.05.2011

Album number six from these English lunatics offers another helping of the band's anarchic style. Clearly an album that has had its share of attention to detail, Passion comfortably blasts away any competition, breaking the mould once more.

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Indian - Guiltless

sludge-doom 13.05.2011

Guiltless is a wretched platter of doomed sludge (or sludged doom?) with punishing riffs, pounding drums and absolutely vile, hate-filled screeches. This is an ugly album. Enjoy.

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Novembers Doom - Aphotic

doom / melodic death 11.05.2011

It took me about one minute to realize Novembers Doom's latest is a drastic improvement over their previous release. They have found that ideal balance between dark, melodic death and the pulsing, downbeat of doom, and do it with arrangements and production that is assertive yet fluid. For fans of deeply personal lyrics, Paul Kuhr has always been one of the best around, and he's as drastic as ever here. And to top it off, fans of Anneke van Giersbergen will find her doing an excellent guest appearance with Paul as well (and in the available video track)!

Oh, and did I mention how great they are live?
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Ag Fox

Power Quest - Blood Alliance

Power metal 08.05.2011

With a brand new line-up, these English power metallers have just gone from the bland to the brilliant. Blood Alliance is by far the band's best album with a number of future classics on here. Forget the band's underwhelming past and give this one a go. Seriously.
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Baz Anderson

Grayceon - All We Destroy

Progressive 03.05.2011

Combining beautiful acoustic pieces with heavy slow progressing guitars, as well as more straightforward murky sections, and vocals ranging from intense growls/screams to clean, the new Grayceon album is a bit of a musical melting pot. Jackie Perez Gratz' chameleonic voice and cello stand out in the mix and add further depth to an already rich album, where some songs reach epic proportions.

Showing convincing quality, well structured songs and innovation, All We Destroy is definitely one of the albums of 2011 worth listening to.

Death Valley Driver - Choke The River

Sludge/Stoner 03.05.2011

Full of groove, and grimy as all hell. It's everything sludge needs to be. I could easily rant about what a punch this album delivers, but it's definitely something that you need to hear for yourself.

...I'm going to go take a shower now.

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Picked by: Doc Godin

Uriah Heep - Into The Wild

Hard rock 01.05.2011

Here it is, album number 22. Into The Wild is another great album from a band that have been doing this for over 40 years. Although not quite topping the band's last few albums, Into The Wild has that unique Uriah Heep sound that has had people addicted for four decades.
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Baz Anderson
Ag Fox

Krallice - Diotima

black 30.04.2011

This, their third album, continues to showcase their unique approach to black metal. It is an intense wall of sound that is also very cerebral in approach. At times it seems things are about to fall apart and are just barely held together... and at other times the approach is monolithic and overwhelming. Another very good album from a band carving out their own niche in Black Metal.

Wormrot - Dirge

Grindcore 28.04.2011

Singapor...an, Singapor...ite... Wormrot, grindheads from Singapore! It's Abuse 2.0 baby, and it'll rock your socks off!

A word of advice: Try to blink between songs. And don't listen while playing Call of Duty unless you want to buy yourself a new TV. And a controller. Only you realize after that you're at a friend's place. In which case, leave this album behind to make up for the damages. They'll thank you later, because it's that good.

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Troy Gallant
Thryce, wormdrink414, Mr. Doctor

Ulver - Wars Of The Roses

ulverrific 21.04.2011

The Wolves are back and their latest represents sort of a culmination of their work in the past dozen years. "SotS" has the loudest (softest?) influence, with this album having the same mellow feel as their last album, as well as the Silence EPs. The album is more sporadic than it's predecessor. Garm gets joined by a female vocalist on a couple songs. Others see 'real' instrumentation, or the occasional cacophonous outburst reminiscent of moments of "Blood Inside". The album closes with the near 15 minute track that is almost a spoken word poem coupled with ambient background noise. Not a wild left turn for the band, but more the culmination of a process.

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