Deceased - Surreal Overdose

Tasty 04.07.2011

Music to break beer bottles and stomp on LEGOs to. Fun, brutal, aggressive, fast, and good stuff. Yeah most of the songs stretch on for a little too long, but if this is listened to properly, you'll have enough beer in you to not care.

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Ag Fox, Marcel Hubregtse

Blood Stain Child - ε Psilon

Guilty Pleasure Metal 04.07.2011

I wouldn't recommend this addictive album to just anyone, but if you can stomach the EXTREME candy-coated pop sensibilities of this kind of music then give ε Psilon a go. There are some absolutely killer tracks on this album just begging for you to dance around your house/apartment/Heavy Metal Castle like a complete loser to. FUN. FUN. FUN.

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Fat & Sassy!
DerRozzengarten, Mr. Doctor

Kill The Client - Set For Extinction

Grindcore 01.07.2011

Metal Storm wisdom of the day: "The best kind of metal is the mother-in-law kind: loud, heavy and obnoxious."
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Corrupted - An Island Insane

Crushing Sludge 30.06.2011

After a number of specta-awesomely-cular releases ("Paso Inferior", "Llenandose De Gusanos", "Se Hace Por Los Suenos Asesinos" and "El Mundo Frio" just to name a few), Corrupted continue their winning streak with "An Island Insane" and "Vasana", a double ep release. And once again, Corrupted treads new ground.

"An Island Insane" opens up with a typical Corrupted moment. A stomp, a sloooooow riff and a thundering growl. Another stomp, stomp, stomp. With inexorable strength, Hevi and co. pound you deep into the Earth's outer core. Melodies seep through while the distortion rises, until nothing remains but a harp and a screechy gray haze.

A short but absolutely killer gem.

Byfrost - Of Death

Thrashy Black Metal 29.06.2011

Byfrost is now less thrashy and more blacky than on their debut, Black Earth, but it's still a wonderful, in-your-face, straightforward slab of unadulterated black metal filth. Groovy as hell too. Watch your head, and prepare for severe neck pains tomorrow morning.

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Spellbound Dazzle - Unreal Fairy Tales

Everything. 29.06.2011

[insert melodic hardrock/metal style here] + [insert melodic hardrock/metal style here] + [insert melodic hardrock/metal style here] + [insert melodic hardrock/metal style here] + [insert melodic hardrock/metal style here] + [insert melodic hardrock/metal style here] + [insert melodic hardrock/metal style here] + [insert melodic hardrock/metal style here].

Get it? Got it? Good.

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Woods Of Desolation - Torn Beyond Reason

Ecstatic Black Metal 28.06.2011

The Australian duo have put all their blackened hearts into the task of unleashing one impressive beast of an album this year.

Woods Of Desolation will tear your soul apart. Not with the grim coldness of winter or the sheer power of nostalgia... But with one strange, warm and infectious feeling of ecstasy. Who would have thought that our Mother Earth could be so imposing and gentle at the same time...

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Enthrope - Tomorrow's Dead Days

Atmospheric Dark/Death 22.06.2011

A surprisingly mature, deliciously adept and well-sounding debut album. Remember Barren Earth? Enthrope don't stand too far apart, yet they manage to be unique enough. Powerful and crisp production compliments this sleeper hit.

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Ag Fox, MoraWintersoul, Nefarious

Graveyard - Hisingen Blues

Blues Rock 21.06.2011

Oh boy. Another surprise hit this year. It may not be the most original music ever, but each track on this album packs a punch with tons of feeling and atmosphere. So next time your girlfriend/boyfriend or friends come over for some maximum chillage, put your Zeppelin albums away for a night and put Hisingen Blues in your sound system. Let Graveyard help you relax and then make some drinks, make some friends, make some memories, and maybe (if you're lucky) make a little bit of love tonight.

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Long Distance Calling - Long Distance Calling

Post-metal-rock-something 21.06.2011

Long Distance Calling can have the same effect as a good poem. If you connect to it, it takes you to a whole new place where you can just enjoy the beauty of it all. In this case, that is provided by the intricate and often contemplative music of Long Distance Calling, which continue to offer us valuable albums. But much like good poetry, it mostly goes unnoticed.

Their largely instrumental music bends and twists, never afraid of invading and progressing into varied musical territories. Immerse yourself in the slick waters of these 'Invisible Giants', yet to be classified as such. It may not leave you completely satisfied, but it doesn't disappoint.

Protest The Hero - Scurrilous

Prog / Mathcore / Sweetness 20.06.2011

Staff pick dedicated to the kind people who sent me this album for free as a little bonus item for my massive order of lysergic acid diethylamide that came in yesterday. That's what I call customer service! A++ WDBA

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Ag Fox, Fat & Sassy!, BloodTears, jupitreas

Ixion - To The Void

Doom 13.06.2011

Atmospheric French Space Doom! An album so enjoyable that it's one of the review requests I've received that I continue to listen to the album repeatedly after publishing the review. But rather than blathering on here, I'll just suggest interested parties click the link to my review below... and meanwhile I keep spinning this album and floating off into the void.

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Morgoth - Odium

Industrial Death Metal 13.06.2011

Death metal and industrial don't blend? My butt! Morgoth were not the first to mix both styles, but they certainly were precursors anyway, with this fantastic beast of an album, released in 1993.

Of course, the band was criticized back then by the 'fans'. Forget that, forget the latest Morbid Angel, and remember the re-united Morgoth will play some festivals this summer.

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Gojira - From Mars To Sirius

Prog death metal 13.06.2011

People keep sending me these weird PM's asking me what album I want to be buried with just in case I should die later tonight in mysterious circumstances (the fuck is going on guys?).

Well, lo and behold, one of my favorite all time classics right here. My "Holy Jesus on Ice Skates" meter just keeps going off the charts every time I play this ridiculously awesome record... to use an understatement.

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In Flames - Sounds Of A Playground Fading

So-called "Modern Metal" 12.06.2011

Let's nip this in the bud: this ain't no Jester Race. But ain't no A Sense of Purpose either.

Take a few deep breaths, maybe think of a nice time you spent with girl/boy/horsefriend and gently let all your preconceptions slide off you, much in the same way those lovely girls who you watch mud wrestle slide all over each other on those lonely Friday nights... I'm sure I had a point, something about the new Morbid Angel? I can't really remember. Oh yeah, the new In Flames. It's really very not bad, plenty of thick leading harmonies harking back as far as Reroute To Remain do a plenty fine job of rekindling a little bit of the love you felt for these guys.

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