Sirenia - An Elixir For Existence

Symphonic Gothic metal 05.11.2011

The timeless classic piece from Sirenia. This release possesses all the good qualities of its sister band Tristania and also has the well-defined features that make it different from Tristania. This album is a highlight of Sirenia's discography for it features the best characteristics Sirenia has ever managed to display. The edgy extreme side, the keyboards and strings, the choir and the unforgettable vocal performance of Henriette Bordvik make this album a true experience for all who like symphonic and Gothic style.

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Mandragora Scream - Volturna

Gothic 07.03.2010

A controversial but, nevertheless, fine album by an Italian Gothic ensemble who have this time used their old style together with new tones resulting in a haunting album with more aggression and subtle electronic traces. Good to see this band are still around.

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Picked by: Hobbit Viggo

Asylum Pyre - Natural Instinct?

Symphonic metal 27.02.2010

This is one of the best albums of last year that reached me and I am glad it did. This French ensemble makes some modest but good quality symphonic metal with some progressive elements. The overall impression has some similarities with the early works of Nightwish. The best feature of the band is the blend of the classical female vocals and clean male singing.

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Hobbit Viggo
Dane Train, Bas