Ethereal Riffian - Aeonian

Progressive stoner doom 23.08.2014

A forward-thinking approach to the stoner doom genre that emphasizes complex song structures and hypnotic textural riffing. Lose yourself in the vivid landscapes of Aeonian right here.

Monolord - Empress Rising

Stoner doom 24.07.2014

Equally parts heavy and psychedelic, this early Sabbath-worshiping Swedish trio will rock you with crushing riffs and a fuzzy atmosphere that puts the 420blazeit in Monolord.

Get your toke on right here.

Elysian Blaze - Blood Geometry

Hell on Earth 31.07.2012

Everything bleak and awful in the world beautifully compiled into more than two hours of torturous melancholy.

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Wodensthrone - Curse

Atmospheric black metal 22.05.2012

Epic, enchanting, melodic, folk-infused atmo-black metal with uplifting melodies that benefit from the use of violins and acoustic work. Gives Loss a run for its money...

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Cattle Decapitation - Monolith Of Inhumanity

Deathgrind 07.05.2012

Avoid listening to this album with animals nearby. They'll getcha.

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Hour Of Penance - Sedition

Brutal death metal 19.04.2012

Honestly? Just go fucking nuts and break shit. But be quick - you've only got about a half-an-hour to tear it all down before this thing ends.

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Alrakis - Alpha Eri

Atmospheric black metal 15.01.2012

"Close your eyes, lean back; prepare yourself for liftoff. Rise out from your seat, through your ceiling, your roof, and into the sky above as Alrakis embraces you, freeing mind and body from this terrestrial realm. Soon, as you rise through the heavens, away from the reaches of the Earth, you begin a cosmic black metal journey not unlike that of Sun Of The Blind or Chaos Moon."
- Marcus

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Troy Killjoy
Mr. Doctor, Ag Fox

Forteresse - Crépuscule d'Octobre

Atmospheric black metal 08.12.2011

Steady as she goes...

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P.H.T.O - Affliction

Depressive black metal 14.11.2011

Remember when I was all "yo go hang yourself"?

Well apparently this guy did.
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Troy Killjoy
Mr. Doctor

Moon - Caduceus Chalice

Depressive black metal / dark ambient 06.10.2011

Go find a tree to hang yourself from.

Fleshgod Apocalypse - Agony

Brutal/symphonic death metal 08.08.2011

It's pretty simple: If you like Fleshgod Apocalypse, you'll love Agony. Hop to it, bitches.

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Colosseum - Chapter 3: Parasomnia

Funeral doom metal 04.06.2011

Perhaps the only thing more depressing than this album is that it's the last album Colosseum are going to release, due to the only other other thing perhaps more depressing than this album: Juhani Palomäki's tragic death.

And in case you were wondering - yes, Parasomnia is the epitome of bittersweet.


Shining - VII - Född Förlorare

Progressive black metal 28.05.2011

I'm sorry, that's not enough for you? Because I didn't really think I needed another reason. It's Shining, it's Kvarforth, it's fucked up and you're fucked up whether or not you like it so join the party and get fucked. Fuck.

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Wormrot - Dirge

Grindcore 28.04.2011, Singapor...ite... Wormrot, grindheads from Singapore! It's Abuse 2.0 baby, and it'll rock your socks off!

A word of advice: Try to blink between songs. And don't listen while playing Call of Duty unless you want to buy yourself a new TV. And a controller. Only you realize after that you're at a friend's place. In which case, leave this album behind to make up for the damages. They'll thank you later, because it's that good.

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Troy Gallant
Thryce, wormdrink414, Mr. Doctor

Deafheaven - Roads To Judah

Atmospheric black metal / shoegaze 10.04.2011

Finally a worthwhile blackgaze album that doesn't feature Neige! Deafheaven's debut is as beautiful as it is barbaric, adding in some majestic post-metal ambience for the sake of a truly depressive, majestic journey. Highly recommended for fans of Alcest and company.

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