Kalmah - Trivia

The song "Suodeth", on the Swampsong album, is supposedly a medley of Ancestor songs (from the pre-Kalmah era).
The song "Heritance of Berija", on the Swamplord album, is about a former KGB leader, from a book, who was called Berija.
The band is often termed "Swamp Metal" after their album cover themes.
The instrumental "Svieri Doroga" from their fourth studio album, The Black Waltz, is a combination of the name of their first demo Svieri Obraza and a track on that demo entitled "Vezi Doroga".
In late 1998, after having recorded five demos and gone through five different bass players, Ancestor disbanded, and was quickly re-established as Kalmah.
Guitarist Antii Kokko was also the guitarist/songwriter for the album A Virgin and a Whore by Eternal Tears Of Sorrow.
The word "Kalmah" in Karelian means "to the grave" or "to the death".